I hope that everyone had the most relaxing and beautiful holidays and New Years.

I know resolutions, goals, new intentions are floating around just about everywhere and I wrote a post HERE and am already tackling them with great vigor! Not really, but I did finish a book yesterday and we were only two days into the New Year. Things are looking bright already. I believe in setting goals always, but love setting fresh ones for the year ahead. In my last post I shared more in depth and lenghty goals, but wanted to shared some fun, and possibly less intense ones.

1. Eat and experiment with a new veggie once a week - Yesterday I roasted fennel and it was divine.

2. Wear my hair down more - If you know me, you know I like my ponytail. This is mostly because I have long hair and like to keep it out of my face and secondly because I only wash my hair once, and at most twice a week. But I'm wanting to wear it down more as it's more fun, free and healthier for my hair.

3. Color my hair - Sticking to my hair theme, I'm wanting to color it this year. Again when it comes to my hair I'm so, so, so low maintenance. I wash it in the evenings, do not blow dry or curl it, no products or styling tools. I just brush or comb and go. I also don't color it so it's completely virgin. But I want to spice it up a bit and I'm thinking a little darker to keep it simple. And a cut which allows me to wear it down a lot more.

4. More random acts of kindness - Paying for peoples teas and coffees, bringing people little treats and snacks just because...

5. Call people more - Texts serve there purpose, but having full conversations on there is something I want to get away from. My BF is very, very good at this so I'm taking his cue. It's much more intimate, personal and uplifting.

6. More cards and letters in the mail - Where did old school mail go? With e-mail, texting, skyping, pretty much everything becoming automated I feel that letters and cards are becoming obsolete. I want to send more cards and letters to family and friends near and far!

7. Share more of my recipes on my website - This couples well with # 1! I want to document my new veggie adventures.

8. Have more Dinner Parties + Double dates - I love, love, love hosting people and cooking, which calls for more entertaining in the New Year!

9. Stop using plastic bottles and bags entirely -I want and have to become very intentional about this one. I'm usually pretty good, but in certain situations I grab that plastic bag because I'm bagless, and use a plastic bottle because I'm very thirsty and need water. I will carry baggu bags with me everywhere, have my bkr bottle in my bag always and if I buy water I will buy it in glass instead of plastic even if it is a bit more expensive. I want to all over off set my carbon footprint.

10. Buy a swim suit and wear more dresses- I haven't bought a swim suit in over four years... and I simply want to wear more dresses and skirts.

Here is the brightest and most beautiful 2016 and Year ahead. Sending you all so much love, light and health.