I have to apologize profusely. I'M VERY SORRY, FRIENDS.

I JUST found out that any and all messages that you sent, have vanished into thin air!!!!!!! The coding was off on my contact form, so when people sent me a message it went directly into my spam box, which every 30 days gets deleted automatically, and are in no mans land..... To be super honest, I JUST THOUGHT NO ONE WAS MESSAGING ME :) BUT through a chance message from a US Magazine, where one of my old clients, checked in on me and said that they had messaged me, I started to get suspicious.

It had been over 4 days and they probably thought I was super unreliable...I proceeded to check my SPAM, and there it was. That precious message, asking for my permission to publish something in a magazine! I'm grateful for that situation in every way, as if it wasn't for it, this could have gone on for many more MONTHS.... Me just thinking no one wanted to work with me. HA! Funny, but true.

Please except my apology, as I feel awful. I truly pride myself on timely and swift responses and messages. Less than 24 hours. I think it's super important, as whenever someone takes the time to inquire, message or book a session/package, I don't take it lightly. Time is of the essence, and I so appreciate every word of that email.


And if you did send me a message at anytime during these last 6 months, THANK YOU, and  please send it again!!!!!! I PROMISE TO BE IN TOUCH ASAP.


Lisa X




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