This precious little candle company. I love their story, and mission. Especially thisone! 

I'll be slathering my whole body, from head to toe, in this, this summer. I have to admit, I was slack on winter moisturizing this year, and my skin has stories to tell from it. 

My time spent in South Africa, has organically brought forth this line to me! I'm lusting after this travel kit, to dip my feet into the brand. 

This dress. You never fail me Ref, ever. 

I can't make this event, but if you're in Toronto, and love natural beauty, you must go! 

Going here in a couple weeks, and could not be any happier. 

Wedding dress vibes galore. 

Excited to finally read thisbook! It's arriving this week. 

Three ingredient brownies, that don't include dates. I've had this recipe before as a GF made it at a dinner party once (she subbed with cashew butter), and it was one of the best desserts of my life. No joke. 

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. We're in the market for a Persian Rug. 

In need of new bedding STAT. Linen bedding inFlaxplease! White just gets too dirty for me, although it's my absolute favorite bedding. 


Confused about your metabolism, and what it means. Thispost will help majorly. 

What does living in your best body this summer mean to you? Mistakes you're making that are preventing you from feeling your best from the beach, to the bedroom. 

If you missed last weeks, Week In Glow aka WIG, check it here! It does not disappoint. You might just find a cure to your worry filled mind (I'm a worrier, so I feel you!), and the perfect wedgie jeans of your dream. 

For those of you in need of deeper guidance, support and love during the beautiful, exciting and often difficult journey when it comes to our own unique bodies, health and lifestyles, I look forward to connecting over a session.

Have a beautiful week friends, 

Lisa xx