We need a bed frame! Liking this one. Modern, simple, and classic. 

Love these necklaces so much, especially the first cross one. They are all vintage so uniquely yours + not replicated. 

Watched this last week, and it just added to my frustration with mainstream health industries + organizations. I shouldn't have watched it before bed, as it got me fired up :) It's a must see for everyone though! I always say, educate yourself, and then step forth and make decisions. No judgement or preaching here. 

This in black please, OR white for my wedding shower, Mhm.  OH, and I can wear thisfor any other pre-wedding festivities, and pack it for our honeymoon! Love how versatile, simply, yet elegant they are. 

Love this lady! 

It's not autumn yet, but thiswould make a perfect salad for a rainy summer night! YUM.


My favorite green tea in the whole wide world. 

Loved this read! Not pregnant, but this will come in handy in a few years ;) It's so important to recognize how permeable our skin is, pregnant or not. 

Must get my hand on thesechocolates! 

THIS BOOK! In my cue. 


Have you activated your nuts yet? I'm giving you the 411on why you should soak your nuts, and the shocking difference in appearance. 

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.Ways to really help cut out the clutter in your body, mind and soul. 

Unsure of working with me + taking the plunge to living your healthiest, happiest + most glowy life? My book is an excellent place to start! It will give you a peek into how I practice, why I do what I do, my 5 health pillars, and my 5-Day reset which women have been l o v i n g β™₯ Really unsure? Read all the FAQ's here. 

Have the most beautiful week guys!

Love & light, 

Lisa xx