I know everyone is saying this, but where as the year gone? It's already October, and Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. WOW. It's such a good reminder that time truly flies, and if we don't practice being in the present it will be Spring 2017 before we know it, and we will look back and say where did that Winter go? It always works that way! I'm going to be focusing on being present every. single. day and enjoy what everyday brings.


Tis' the season for grounding and being in the Now. Summer has an extremely floaty and 'high vibes' energy about it, and as we embark on the Fall / Winter it's important to start rooting ourselves and planting the seeds for the fruits that we will bear come spring.


It's something that I'm constantly working on and with, being in the NOW, embracing this moment and not putting too much focus on the future. I definitely have dreams, goals and aspirations that I meditate and manifest, but if I'm (we) aren't embracing the present moment, I believe those future ambitions won't take shape the way we thought they would.


All of this to say, with a new season, new week, new month and new journey into full-time coaching + consulting I will be sharing my favorite products, things I'm doing, wearing, reading, new discoveries and musings on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I love sharing.


October. No. 1Β 


Really channeling this vibe for my new bedding this Fall. Linen all the way.

Preordering these two books for release in October and November

Digging this article. It's what I practice, and use in my own coaching / nutrition business. Love!

If you calorie count, this will hopefully help change your mind. Trust your body, it only wants to help you. Quality is King.

I've heard so, so many good things about this natural deodorantΒ and will try it out next!

In my next Sun Potion order - This powder to blend with my coffee. Dreamy, herby, and hormone balancing. Obsessed.

While I'm working, this album is on repeat. Please come to Toronto soon, and thanks for the new album BI!

A salad that is both warming, texture-full and nutritious. Yes, please! I'll be making a version of this, this weekend fo' sho.

Yup, I DO wear this everyday in the Fall, and I'm ok with it. I'm very, very simplistic and could wear the same thing everyday :)

Started this book on Monday (it looks cheesy I know), as it's always, always good to expand your mind and horizons. I want to learn and soak up things like a sponge. Things don't always come naturally to people, so it's wonderful to hear from people who are out there living their passions! The shared sentiment of all the 500 people he interviewed is this - Do the work, that you would do even if you weren't getting paid. Have fun (workafrolics), help people and LIVE YOUR PASSION. Nothing that I do is for a reward. I love what I do with every cell in my body, and wake up wanting to spread health and love. It's a simple, but great read.

I will take this dress, this one, this one and this top please! Thank you Reformation. I love you, signed Lisa + Heart eyes Emoji.


Happy Wednesday Friends,


Lisa X