38be7b8ebc93c1a418258ae4a5935948CRAZY in love with wildcare ... I want every hydrosol, mask and oil.

Fall insp.

Bought this one week ago and can't stop using it.

Making this on the next cool + rainy day. My Ukrainian heart couldn't be happier!

Just booked this little gem up North for my Birthday Weekend with my man. Nature, hikes, stars, zero city lights and so. much. love.

Whoa. Making this. My love for pumpkin seeds run deep.

Have been using this brush to cleanse for the past two months and it's life (skin) changing.

DREAMING.Β  Huge insp. for me. I would love to create me own 'glow' line one day.

How I eat, for the most part. I still have 'treats' that work for me and give me joy, but not everyday or even every week (raw chocolate, organic popcorn, bulletproof coffee, raw chocolate chip cookies.... :) ). Life is fun, but so is a healthy body, so I found the balance that works for me.

Need + Want this slip. Classic, cool and a forever piece.

Interesting read by my favorite hormone guru!

Will be making a few dates here with my man + girlfriends as the temps start to dip.

Happy Wednesday Friends,


Lisa X