Boy oh boy, I wish Glossier shipped to Canada! This holiday set is perfection.

I've been drinking copious amounts of this tea. OBSESSED.

SOOOO excited for this to arrive. My skin self loving is going to be taken to a whole new level.

We are wanting to put up a giant bookshelf on one of our walls instead of having 2 singular book shelves. We have Β A LOT of books, and will probably end of creating a library wall. Using thisΒ and this as inspiration! DREAM come true.

On that same note, we're also in the market for a new couch. We want something light, natural and uber comfy. LOVE this, this and this

Love this article from my girls at Sakara. # 3 is the BEST!

I live off of this seed butter, well not really, but I have it daily. Zinc is a miracle mineral that will actually make your hair shinier, and skin heal a lot fast. (ps- this is my brothers store and business. And if you have seen these around, they are his too. Forever a proud sister.)

This song, these vibes, Scorpio season. Hello!

Can't wait for this book to be released on my Birthday. The MM is the bomb.

Wearing on repeat.

Yup, my casein food sensitivity is real. I hadn't had dairy for over a decade, and back in the spring/early summer I started to have Butter/Bulletproof Coffee 2-3 times a week, knowing that on my food sensitivity test Β I had done 4 years prior, it was off the charts. I thought my body had healed, and could handle it. Nope. Since late spring I've been noticing a lot more random breakouts, not just around my period, but super random and not normal for me. Also a bit more neck pain, and feeling a bit off overall. Still amazing, but not optimal. I have to part with my bulletproof for now, and see if my suspicions are correct like this woman!!

I'm not going to lie, since getting engaged this past weekend, I've sneaked a peek at some wedding dresses online. I'am a Girl and can't help it, even though I never dreamed of my wedding as a young girl, I have to admit it's kind of fun + girly. It's just one day, the LIFE after and forever is what I'm looking forward to and dreaming of. BUT I'm going to vibe on being a bride just a little bit ;) Inspiration is a plenty that's for sure....and I'm going to have fun choosing a dress. Love this one and this vibe...


Have a beautiful week!

Lisa X