Are supplements necessary? I think so....but many don't, this shall change your mind!


Ideal everyday Fall outfit. Every. single. day.


Do couples still do engagement shoots? I have no idea. If we do decide to do one, I want it to look like this and this. Nothing typical, more classic + editorial, so it doesn't look engage-y! Couple + ring shots totally aren't us :)


YUMMY. Will be making this, it doesn't have too many ingredients and it looks super comforting as the temps start to dip.


I would not be mad if my living room looked like this


Saw this guy for the second time on Monday night (A gift from my fiance <---- weird!) and he blew me away again. HIS VOICE IS MESMERIZING.


YUP, a new read for me.


Engaging in this activity a few times a week can make you look 7 years younger.....(!)


Enjoy the rest of your week + have a beautiful WEEKEND!

L xx