Instead of giving you the ins and outs of all the details of our vacation, as I'm quite certain you will be snoozing, I thought I'd do more of a spontaneous recap of the days, inspiration and musings.

Two categories instantly came to mind when sitting down to write this....Love & Learnings. 

Let's dig right in. Some are specific to the trip, others were realizations, things I want to shift, and immense gratitude for a lot of things, actually e v e r y t h i n g.

Let's start with LOVE: 

-I loved that we stayed in a very small fishing village.There was no tourism there, no grocery store, and zero shopping. 

-We ate mostly local as they really only eat what's in season (we bought a few imported veggies from the grocery store about 10 minutes by bus). We went for dinner one night at Mama Tilly's - Thee place to go in Laborie, and everything she made us was 100% local, including the chicken. It was all organic, and plucked from the garden or the tree. It was very special. 

-Our mornings on our balcony - sunrises, the heat of the day hadn't set in yet, although it was still 26 degrees C, french press organic coffee, and chats for hours...the best. 

-Reading. I've always loved reading, but when I was quite sick with Lyme disease it was very hard for me. Pages would go blurry, or I had to reread sentences over and over again to comprehend. I finished a big nutrition book that was over 400 pages, and started a classic novel (first for me in a long time!). My fiance had read Anna Karenina and expressed it was his favorite novel to date, so I started reading it, and I'm 300 pages deep, in the 700 pager, and I'm so happy I stepped outside my usual genre. (nutrition, business, mind / body, self-improvement, etc...) 

-All the local dogs roaming the streets, birds, roosters around every corner, and the pig you see above! 

-Not working out! I didn't do a thing except for walk the hilly village. My body thanked me. It was wonderful. 

-The people in the village. Everyone was so incredibly friendly. Beyond kind, generous, and just wanted to make sure we were loving their little piece of the island. They were extremely proud of their home, and it showed. 

-Local grapefruits, cucumbers and bananas. I already love them all! But they were next. level. here.

-Over 2 liters of fresh raw coconut water over the week - H E A V E N I N M Y M O U T H 

-The beach, sand, ocean breeze, warm caribbean water, palm trees. The typical tropical paradise stuff, but it's just so blissful 

-Making no plans whatsoever! We didn't have an agenda, we weren't rushed in the slightest. We would just wake up with no alarm (well a rooster!), the sunrise, birds chirping, go onto our balcony and would see how we were feeling. Sometimes we did something, other times we simply just read the whole morning away. It was GLORIOUS.

Now on to things I LEARNED:

- I already knew this, and I'm extremely cognizant of this, but this trip was just an excellent reminder and perspective check...we're soooooo insanely lucky. There was quite a bit of poverty there, and well a small caribbean's lifestyle is just so different than ours. We can get anything, at anytime, and have access to everything. Eternally grateful for everything in my life x a million.

-My love for avocados runs deep. I didn't have them for over a week, and on our last few days, I couldn't stop thinking about them. Mad cravings and dreams! A good thing to be addicted to, right? 

-My body won't self combust when I eat something that is totally out of my 'lifestyle' or contains some of my allergens. Mama Tilly cooked us the most delicious dinner one evening, made with SO much love and all local ingredients. I committed to eating every last bite, becauseI didn't want to offend her in the slightest, this is her bread and butter, her heart and soul, and she's worked every single day for the past 7 years to keep her family healthy and happy. It's just her cooking food, and nourishing souls for her little town, and its visitors.

What was on the menu - local creole barbecue chicken, local green beans and carrots, a small local green salad, fried plantains, and a big helping of potato salad with either sour cream or mayo. To be honest this is never something I would choose, or even eat apart from the veggies, but do you know what? I ate every last bite (and enjoyed it), because it had so much Vitamin L (love) infused into it, and I survived :) It taught me a lot about letting go in moments like this. I have to trust that my body will be okay, as I get flashbacks of the lyme disease, and having to be so regimented with my eats. This was VERY freeing, and I'm so proud of myself for doing this, as I don't think I could / would of done these a few years ago. 

- On that same accord,  taking a week off from working out or doing anything is OK! It's way much more than OK. I have to admit, for a few reasons, I don't  really like to take that many days off. One because, the workouts I do aren't that strenuous and are actually quite meditative, so it's not like I'm pushing myself to the max everyday. Two because I've always just worked out. It's a part of me. In many, many years this is the longest break I took, and my body was OK. Ha actually it was better for it. 

-My skin actually liked the humidity - I thought pimples would pop up straight after coming off the flight (as that used to be the norm)! It was +35 everyday, and my skin was spot free. This is for a few reasons. 1) the products I'm using, 2) the healing I've been doing, 3) some key supplements I brought with, 4) My facials which clear out all the gunk out of my skin, honestly heaven sent 5) my food intake (I still ate quite healthy on my trip). But I was still really surprised! My skin is notoriously awful in the heat and summer. It's confirmation that what I'm doing inside and out is working!

-Dental hygiene is so important! I know this sounds silly, but I will be the first to admit that I don't always remember to floss everyday, it's been about five years since my last dentist visit (BAD I KNOW!) but on this trip a light switched of some sort (maybe it was all the time we had). But I made sure to brush my teeth twice a day, and for long periods (key), which I always do, but sometimes not for the length that I should be. I also flossed twice a day, and the day upon returning searched for holistic dentists in Toronto! HA! Weird learning to have on vacation, but hey, it had to happen.

I'm curious, do people go to the dentist every six months, or every year? OR am I just really bad with keeping up with my teeth, as they seem ok and I'm not having any pain, problems, etc... 

There were many more loves and learnings, but these are the ones that came to mind... Lots of thinking takes place when you have no plans, to-do's, agenda's or places to be!  

Thank you for continuing to read, support, share and and ride this crazy journey with me. 

I know I say this all. the. time, but it's because I care so deeply. If there is anything you want to see, hear, read, watch videos of, never hesitate to drop me an email! I adore hearing from my readers, and community SO MUCH it's silly. 

I'm so happy to be back, and can't wait to share all that's in the works for LBL. 

Have a beautiful start to your week!

love & light