british-columbia-08 I've been thinking a lot about taking risks, or in my case not taking them for fear of failure... but what is failure? And why is it seen as a bad thing?

When I think of my journey and all that it has encompassed these past six years, I DO NOT give myself grace, and I'm sure you share my sentiment at times. You hear it over, and over that you are your own worst critic and it is so, so, so true. Because you are living IN your story and in your head for that matter, it is hard to truly see all that was and sometimes all that is.

Your life is miraculous, and beautiful and your story is YOURS to tell. But the secret lies in taking risks, not being afraid and feeling the fear, and pushing past it because it will always be there, and it's a good thing. This quote I found expresses it perfectly and is a great source of inspiration:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”


Looking back upon these years of living in South Africa, moving and living in New York on my own, moving to Toronto never have been there once. All of this took place while trying to discover why I was so ill, bed ridden at times, healing, studying Fashion, studying Nutrition, healing intensely, working, building my site, writing on my site, starting my e-book, growing my business, and just living and being, which are the two most important things.

It is alot, I don't regret a single moment, and my illness brought me more joy than anything. I am who I am right now because of it, and will do great things because of it.

Yet I seem to gloss over all of this when I see what other people are doing - publishing books, growing a successful online coaching business, becoming marketing pros, traveling for work, and all the rest of it! I 100% get caught up in this because I am human, and when I was healing I would hope that one day that would be me.

The thing is, it can and will be. Just as it can be for you. You can get that job, land your dream career, build your dream house, travel for work and pleasure, have a beach house, live in that city, meet your partner of your dreams. It is ALL possible. Why because we create our reality, we decide our thoughts, actions and how we choose to live our lives. The only thing standing between you and me is ourselves!

Take some time today and this week to think about what is holding you back? Are you stuck in your job? In your thoughts? In your fears? Are you repeating the same things, habits and thoughts.

A new season is upon us and is calling us to take action! For fear is washed away with action. Baby foot in front of the other. You (we) can do it.

Happy Monday!