Hello Friends!


I hope everyone had a magical last week of Summer. I've just returned from the most spectacular trip to Alberta, my home province. First off was my beautiful sisters wedding in Edmonton, which was wonderful! So much love, family time and memories made. We then spent a few more days in YEG, before embarking on our epic Mountain road trip. Words truly cannot describe the wondrous nature of the Rocky Mountains. They possess a beauty that cannot be put into words. They are incredibly healing, and even though I grew up heading to the mountains every summer, they still leave me awe-struck every. single. time.

We drove from Edmonton to Jasper, stopped in town for a coffee, and then did one of the most epic drives in the WORLD, as stated by National Geographic. It literally took our breath away. Everywhere we looked our mouths would drop in awe. Mountains, rivers, valleys, peaks, waterfalls, trees, icefields, wild flowers, crystal clear lakes... HEAVEN. We then made our way through Lake Louise and set up camp in Banff, AB. This little town is pure magic. It's situated in the middle of the Mountains, with a 360 degree view of epic peaks. Everywhere you look you are met with pure, raw beauty.

Our trip was very spontaneous just as we like it. We didn't make any plans, and decided to just go with the flow. No time schedule, no clocks, no phones, no set plans. We took each moment as it came, and just went with how we were feeling in that exact moment. It ended up being the best plan ever. We awoke each morning when our bodies were ready, and let the sound of the birds and squirrels around us be our alarm clocks. No joke we were in the middle of the forest!!! Our camp ground was extremely desolate, as summer holiday ended for the kiddies at the start of the week. We were completely alone with no people in sight 95% of the time! I have to admit, there was one night I got quite scared. The entire week we were there everyone was warning us, Β and had stories about the abundance of bears, and their sightings. We made it through the nights ;) , and looking back now it made it all the more exciting!

We hiked up a mountain (check out the epic views in the pictures!), sipped organic coffee at one of their local coffee shops each morning, walked around town, canoed Lake Louise and visited the infamous chateau. We had camp fires each night, slept like logs in our 2 man tent, star gazed, read, and on the last day we had the most serene and blissful day at the Banff Fairmont Springs Willow Stream SpaΒ ,Β which was a complete dream! Words cannot describe how incredible our experience was, especially after a week of truly roughing it in the woods, and our sore muscles from our hike. There were four mineral pools with each one being a different temperature. They recommended spending 5-10 minutes in each waterfall/pool before going to the next to gain maximum benefit of the experience. It was one the most healing, revitalizing and energizing experiences of my life! We also enjoyed the infrared sauna, steam rooms, his/her whirlpools and a co-ed resting room where we read and soaked up all the healing benefits of the spa. Suffice to say, it was pure heaven.

Enough with the words, here are some pictures from the trip! This holiday will forever be etched in my heart.

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This trip marks a huge turning point for me! I made a big decision before leaving, and being able to meditate on it, settle into it and be at peace with everything made the world of difference. I hadn't gone on vacation in over 2 years, and having this time to just be, switch off, and spend time with my loved ones was one of the biggest gifts.

Here is to a new month, season and journey.



Lisa X