PicMonkey Collage NYC BABY.

New York City is a very nostalgic place for me. I lived there for 4 years, and ultimately was my sickest and most alone there. The city is FULL of bodies, and one would think you would never truly be alone, but I found it an extremely solitary place. (Almost) everyone there is hustling, grinding and simply trying to survive. Everyone walks soooooo fast because they actually have places to be, and people to see! It is that non-stop.

In any case, I don't want to shine this dark cloud upon the city OR my life!!! As 'dark' as it was for me I still have VERY happy memories living there! Very happy. I learnt A LOT about myself, and met such incredible people. As hard as it was to go through my deepest and darkest part of my healing journey alone, and in such a B I G city, the biggest learning for me was that all I had was myself. I learned that if I wanted to heal, and get better it would ultimately come down to ME. I had to take 100% responsibility for my thoughts, and actions. It was SUCH a big part of my journey + story and I don't regret one single moment.

Moving on to the Big Apple . . . I will be returning with my bestie in 3 short weeks!! I haven't been back since I moved away, and I couldn't be MORE excited. Endless walks through the city streets, stopping in at cafes, bookstores, small little shops. Hunting down new juice places + visiting old favorites, having the most delicious eats at local favorites + sweating our buns off at workouts we've been coveting! I will have a FULL recap of our journey upon our return but for now here are some stops we have planned thus far!

NYC SPRING 2015 //

Butchers Daughter - This place wasn't open when I lived there, and I've heard nothing but amazzzzzing reviews. It's me to a T!

Ballet Beautiful - I know it's insanely obvious, BUT you better believe I will be visiting BB Soho studio + taking a class! Crossing my fingers, NO manifesting, that I will meet Mary Helen.

Juice Press - Probably my favorite cold-pressed juice joint in the city, although soooo many have opened since I left. I will definitely be stopping by here, but keeping my eye + ear open for new places (anyone?)

Saturdays Surf NYC - I remember when they first opened, and I sat in their stunning courtyard in soho, sipping a coffee and admiring the beautiful surf boards in the shop!! It was a one of a kind store, and it still is. Coffee, surfboards, courtyards . . . Can't wait to pop in and say hello!

Catbird NYC - This little jewelry store in Brooklyn is so, so, so beautiful. I very rarely buy myself jewelry, actually almost never, as it holds great sentiment to me, and receiving it as gifts is far more precious. In any case, I bought a ring from there when I moved, and it went missing . . . so I think a quick trip to BRKYLN for a visit, and also a peek into the shop!

ModelFit - Developed by Justin Gelband, trainer to the VS models, his new studio on Bowery is supposed to be sweat inducing, full of small muscle movements, pilates, sculpting, ballet + boxing! All of my favorite workouts rolled into ONE. We're so excited to take a class, and I will report back with my findings.

These are just a F E W of the stops . . . some are planned, some are not. We also want to be open and free and see where time takes us! It's great to have some plans + set things you want to do, but planning everything, not for us, and not in a city like NYC.

I would love to hear your favorite restaurants, places to visit, coffee shops, small little shops, etc . . . if you live, or have been to NYC! I love discovering new places!

Have the happiest starts to your week!

love & light