PicMonkey Collage


As we shift seasons I have my eyes set on a few things for the warmer temperatures, frolicking into the warm evenings and early mornings filled with love, light and fresh beginnings.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

WAKE-UP LIGHT: This alarm clock is everything. I just heard about it a few months ago and have yet to see one in real life, but I have a feeling it's pretty darn amazing.

MOON JUICE TONIC & DUSTS: I have the sex one shown here, but I'm eyeing the beauty + action dusts as well. Filled with superfoods and adaptogens that are extremely hard to get your hands on, these beauties contain these magical potions that are unlike anything out there. I really hope they come to Canada soon!

REFORMATION PETUNIA DRESS: I've expressed my love for Reformation many times on here, and this season is no exception. One of the greenest + sustainable Fashion labels in existence, if my whole wardrobe could be from here, it would be. They show you the environmental impact of each garment before you purchase it and what they do as a company and the planet is something to be mimicked by all fashion houses in existence. This stargzer print Petunia dress is quite the delight!

LUNA SKYE RING: I discovered this jeweler over a year ago and fell in love instantly! Minimal designs, delicate rings, moonstones, healing stones and crystals inspired by the designers love of the ocean, natural world and the universe as a whole (lots of her stuff is based on the stars, moon and constellations). The ring above is titled - Rose Gold Black Diamond Petite Ballerina ring. It had me at rose gold + ballerina.

ORGANIC LINEN BEDDING: Love this color scheme! With the warmer temps linen sheets and bedding is key. Soft yet cooling, and amazing for the planet. I will be on a hunt for some sheets like this.

MATTEAU SWIMWEAR: I haven't bought a bikini in over 4 years, so it's time. I'm really basic and simple when it comes to swimwear and love nothing more than a black, classic bikini that can be worn with cut offs and a white tee or a summer dress! This is the one. Hello Summer + Ballet Beautiful.

REALISATION PAR OZZIE DRESS: Seems like I have a thing for navy dresses and stars! I've been eyeing a dress from him since last summer and I believe this will make the perfect summer dress. Every girl needs a few of these in her wardrobe to frolick around in.

WINDSOR EDWARDS NATURAL TINTED LIP BALM: This is such a beautiful line, and since this is quadruple the size of my hurraw balms and even better ingredients, I'm in! I don't wear anything on my lips that isn't natural because it's too close to my mouth and don't want those chemicals entering in.

What are your eyeing for the Spring time?