LH28 My Top 3 Cafes in Toronto:

I've expressed my love for coffee a few times, most notably here and here which the latter discusses the importance of choosing organic beans over conventional. This definitely has a part to play when seeking out cafes, but in no way does it deter me from discovering new ones. Although the ones I frequent regularly all use Fair Trade Organic beans!

I don’t want to scare people away, or take away their cup of jo’. With anything that I do, I simply want to share the knowledge I’ve come across, especially when its something that is so consumed globally and everyday by us. I’m not going to be obsessive compulsive about this, but I will buy Fairtrade Organic beans for our french press, and will ask cafes about their beans! But also not turn away a good cup of coffee. It’s all about being more mindful about all my choices.


Here are a few of my favorites if you live in Toronto, or if you ever come for a visit:

BALZEC'S COFFEE - This is probably one of my favorites! It's a truly Canadian company and they not only use Fair Trade Organic Espresso beans, but take pride in providing all organic and Non-GM0 milk, creamer, and almond milk for their customers. It has multiple locations around the city, and has a super chill vibe to it. We have one that's only a five minute walk from out place at the St. Lawrence Market so it's one that we frequent quite often.

CAFE 260 - This is actually right across the street from our place, and is uber convenient to say the least. Bob, the owners knows our names and genuinely cares for each and every customer. They use Fair Trade Organic Espresso beans, and the Americanos are always brewed to perfection.

LITTLE NICKY'S - A small little cafe who's owner is a green juice drinking, healthy cooking making woman! This place is known for good coffee and often has lines out the door. Using a local roaster with Organic beans makes all the difference in a perfectly drawn Americano. And if you're feeling up to a treat, they apparently make the best mini donuts in the city. Seats are limited, and hard to come by at this ones so it's best to meet friends during non-peak hours.

If you ever come to the city make sure to check these out!