Loving this site for news + articles. 

DROOL worthy packaging and product. 

Yes, Yes, Yes. We will be moving apartments this summer, so I would love to cleanse and diffuse the cr*p (I never swear, haha, which is why I can't use 'AF' that everyone seems to be saying) out of our new home. 

We've been watching this show, and it's sooooo good. 

Could diet cure arthritis? Interesting read as always... the always just wants to heal.

The HOLY grail. 

The perfect stripey tee (one of my staples) 

Curious. I'm always up for another + new way to massage my face. Your lymph system is e v e r y t h i n g. Bye, bye stagnant toxins. 

Side hustle your way to your dream career. 


Why you should be putting Aloe Vera IN your body, and ON it. This longevity plant should be one of your eternal staples. 

Why you need this mug, these femcare products, and this beautiful new Canadian skincare line. 

This gorgeous, and inspiring Female Founder will motivate you to pursue your passions no matter what, switch to a more natural beauty regime, and take all the superfoods you can get your hands on. 

If you haven't had the chance to take a peek yet, my eBook is still glowing away! I've had the most wonderful feedback, and humbling feedback. If you're unable to book a session with me, this is the next best thing. So full of nuggets, and actionables, which will guide you in laying the foundation for your healthiest + glowiest life. 

Happy Mid-Week!

Lisa xx