A lot of people in my life know that I'm a early bird.

Yes, I'm one of those crazy people that can get up at five or five thirty, and be happy. HAHA, I know, I know it's crazy, but it's true.

My eyes shoot open, I sometimes snooze for ten minutes, but only to cuddle my fiancé, before I bound out of bed.

The short of it, I'm just really grateful for life, the opportunities before me, and the fact that I've come a long way since my Lyme diagnosis. 

The long story, it's taken lots of practice which I'll share below. 

I wasn't always like this, not even close. For innumerable years, it was laborious for me to get out of bed at all. At times my hormones were so out of whack, that falling asleep before the clock hit 4am was unheard of, and rising before noon was the norm.I simply couldn't bring myself to wake up. It felt as if someone had strapped a backpack of bricks to my back, and then asked me to get out of bed. Every morning. There were times that I had to force myself out of bed, as life and duty called. Yet every bone and fiber within me, wanted to steep back into a slumber.

Having gone through many years of this, and on my road to healing, this changed. And not just because my body was getting stronger, I really made the conscious every, as I truly wanted to embrace mornings, and start my day early.

For me the mornings signify life. They are so bright, fresh, and crisp, and I adore getting a head start on my day, as it's when I feel the most alert and creative.

Some mornings require a little more effort, I'm not going to lie. I'am still 100% human, not robot, but this was the learning curve that I was embarking on. Everything has its ebbs and flows, but I've definitely found my rhythm and my bodies natural sleep cycle.

For so many years, Lyme Disease ruled my life, and on the road to healing, I'm grateful for every second of my life and want to cherish more hours in the day! I love you mornings, because I love life and want to live every moment in pure gratitude and love.

 I want to stress:this isn't for everyone! We are all unique and beautiful souls, and some my thrive in the late hours. I know for many people, this is the case. But I also knew a little too much about sleep, optimal sleep cycles, when the boding does all of its repair, and when cortisol, are waking hormone starts to wake us up! You night owls, might not like the answer :)

To me though, nothing is more invigorating than getting up with the sun, and breathing in the morning hours, before the hustle and bustle begins.

If you do want to wake up earlier, I have a few tips that I would like to share with you!

It's also the best time to start, as these are the longest days of the year! Never a better time to begin

1.Go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Obvious I know, but it's the simplest thing you can do. My sweet spot is between 9 and 9:30. If I'm getting up between 5 and 5:30, I will try to be asleep before 9:30, even before 9 if I can. My body thrives on 7.5-8 hours. The easiest way to find your 'sweet spot' is to play around. One day get 5 hours, the next 6 hours, the next 7, the next 8, 9 . . . It might take a week or so to play around, but it's worth it. Everyone has a sweet spot, but I would say anywhere between 7 to 9 hours, is key for optimal rest, and rejuvenation. 

2.Set your alarm give minutes early to make time for stillness. This can be five minutes of deep breathing, meditation, going over a gratitude list in your head. Whatever this is for you, make a habit. When we awake for a purpose and give thanks, it makes things a whole lot easier. Also start small, don't jump from getting up at 8am, to 6am overnight, it will take a lot of time for your body to adjust, so be gentle with the process. 

3.Prepare your breakfast the night before if you think or know you will be rushed. Make your smoothie before bed, chill over night oats or chia pudding in the fridge, juice, etc...Wake up knowing that you will nourish your body first thing. Most people find eating within an hour of waking optimal. Again this will vary for individuals. Mine is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. It depends on my day, and mood. The one thing I always do is leave a twelve to fourteen hour window of not eating. This helps repair my gut health, and allows my body time to reset. 

4. Journal before bed and write down five things you were grateful for that day. Going to sleep with these things on your brain, will allow you to wake up in a grateful and positive mood. You don't just sleep, to rest. Your body heals on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. This is prime time to nourish every part of your body and soul. 

5. Switch off all electronics at least an hour before bed.Don't hate me :) This has become a complete epidemic, and one I don't always abide by, so I understand how hard it is. With TV's in bedrooms, the internet and social media ruling our waking hours, it's truly hard to shut off, and power down. 

In the midst of this though, we could be harming our relationships, health, well-being, and work-life balance. My only ask, because I'm working on it too, is to be mindful of your use, and make a conscious effort to power down. It will be extremely difficult at first, but set a time when everything goes off (except for emergencies!). Evenings are meant for winding down, connecting, communicating, loving and replenishing and preparing for the new day. When we're constantly connected, this is where stress, and anxiety can start to breed and take over our lives. 

6.Write down your to-do list and daily goals before bed. This will set you ahead of the game when you wake up. And bonus, if you're getting up 30 minutes to an hour earlier, think about how much more time you will have in the day to get things down. Wake up an hour earlier, to live an hour more. 

I always write my list before bed, so I can de-clutter my head as much as possible. Because I have A LOT going on up there :) 

7. Create a morning ritual that gets your excited and energized.This could include a delicious cup of organic coffee or matcha tea, your pre-prepared and nourishing breakfast, journaling for fifteen minutes, some stretching, a good sweat, a hydrating skincare regime. Mine includes all of the above.

I truly believe that loving life begins with loving yourself, and nourishing yourself first and for most.

8. Keep it simple and don't stress. Life, sleep, day, night, minutes, hours, should be fun. We live in a stressful society and time. Create space for calmness, rejuvenation, love and nourishment. Maybe try something new every week, and if it doesn't work then don't force it. Allow your body to find its natural rhythm. If you do want to create a habit of getting up earlier, than it will take practice and work. Don't be hard on yourself, and let it flow naturally.

Try to go to bed ten to fifteen minutes earlier this week, and arise ten to fifteen minutes earlier. See how you feel by the end! 

No body is alike, so allow YOUR body to find its sweet spot.

Soak up the summer days friends, it will all go by in the blink of an eye. 

Are you an morning bird or a night owl?

Lisa xx 

For those of you in need of deeper guidance, support and love during the beautiful, exciting and often difficult journey when it comes to our own unique bodies, health and lifestyles, I look forward to connecting over a session.