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Soaked nuts. Yup nuts.

Seems a little bizarre, but trust me on this one.

Pictures don't lie - aren't the differences between the two insanely unreal?

The activated almonds on the left look A - L - I - V - E  - you can physically see 'human like' veins running through their delicious little bodies. They are plump and buzzing with enzymes and energy.

Although they are the same organic almonds, the activated almonds have been soaked over night which removes the enzyme inhibitors which allows us to absorb the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients. It is easier for our bodies to digest, and anything which makes digestion easier and more seamless leaves us with more energy to heal, repair, live life and beautify ourselves from the inside out. Feel a little funky after eating nuts, or you're not able to digest them properly, these enzyme inhibitors could be why. 

Which one would you rather ingest?

Don't get me wrong both are an excellent snack. But 'activating' them is SO simple and when you think about the added benefits, it is worth every minute of tossing them in a glass container (always use glass containers to store items, especially food, as plastic leaches), and soaking them overnight in clean/filtered water.

In the morning, rinse well, and you can either let them dry in the oven on the lowest setting, this will give them a deeeeelicious crunch, or let them dry in your kitchen in a pan so they can all lay flat, and then place them back in the jar. Try both options and see which one suits your buds the best.

It is time to get ACTIVE guys. 

Have you soaked your nuts before? 

Have the most beautiful weekend ahead, and if you have some nuts at home give it a go those weekend so you will have some activated nuts to take you through next week. 

Love & light, 

Lisa xx 




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