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YUM. The perfect cup of healthy goodness on a chilly morning like today (Spring can't come soon enough!).

This concoction is super easy and quick to make and will give you that little pep in your step without the highs and lows of coffee (not saying coffee is bad, good organic coffee if it feels good and your body is ok on it, one cup a day can prove to be beneficial! Most important thing is to listen to what works for YOU). I'm obsessed with this drink and I've never been a chocolate lover.

All you need is:

-~1 cup Almond Mylk (I use my homemade one - recipe here) -Dash cinnamon -Heaping tsp of raw organic cocao powder (not coco powder!)

*optional you can add a bit more natural sweetner if you wish, I sometimes add one more drop of stevia. But because I've already added stevia, cinnamon and vanilla to my AM I keep it simple

Also remember to heat it gently over the stove. Bringing things to a boil, and heating it too quickly will destroy all the beautiful enzymes and minerals of the powder and almond mylk. And whatever you do, don't make it in the microwave!!!

It almost seems TOO deletable to have in the morning, but it is ALL good for you. Just make sure before you drink this, you have your BIG glass of fresh water (but that should be second nature right ; ) ).

I hope everyone has an incredible + joy filled weekend. I will be working, relaxing, reading, gyming, celebrating the birth of an unreal friend, having a raw lunch date and watching the Oscars.