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hor·mone ˈhôrˌmōn/ nounPHYSIOLOGY plural noun: hormones

a regulatory substance produced in an organism and transported in tissue fluids such as blood or sap to stimulate specific cells or tissues into action.

a synthetic substance with an effect similar to that of an animal or plant hormone. a person's sex hormones as held to influence behavior or mood.

Without our precious hormones we would be nothing. They control everything from our metabolism, to our moods, our sex drive, our precious skin and our beloved thyroid gland, where a lot of them reside. I know they are something we can take for granted, as we assume they just 'work' and are doing their job! They are, BUT we are faced with constant stressors in our life - work, life, relational, financial, physical + environmental stress that can literally wreak H A V O C on your LIFE! Gaining weight for no reason, acne flare ups, low libido, dry skin, hair loss, excessive internal + external inflammation, painful + heightened PMS symptoms, fatigue, lethargy, pronounced weight gain in women around the hips, upper arms, lower back and stomach, ALL hormone related!

For these reasons + many, many more it's imperative to keep our hormones HAPPY!!! Happy Hormones = Happy Life.

I have first hand experience with many of the above symptoms when Lymes Disease ravaged my insides. My hormones went haywire. I still have to be extremely diligent with them, and find that when things go a bit off balance, I know exactly what to target.

Below are some U B E R simple tips which will help you balance out some of your major hormones in a easy + accessible way. This is not a definite list, and I'm not a MD, and these are not forever! But if you are struggling to find some answers, maybe give these a try. Start with one, and see how it feels.

On that note: Before you try switching things up get your blood checked! It's super important to get a full thyroid panel, and hormones tested before you start making changes. I think getting these levels checked twice a year is golden. The more you know about your body, the more power you have.


ESTROGEN Go meatless: Reset your estrogen by excluding red meat and alcohol from your diet. (Note that this reset is essential for everyone, whether you’re a meat eater or not.)

INSULIN Go sugar free: Banish your cravings for sugar and reset your insulin.

LEPTIN Go fruitless: Reset your hunger hormone, leptin.

CORTISOL Go caffeine free: Reset your relationship to stress and cortisol.

THYROID Go grain free: Activate your thyroid hormone in a powerful new way and reset insulin and leptin.

GROWTH HORMONE Go dairy free: Reset your growth hormone, which also improves insulin.

TESTOSTERONE Go toxin free: Redirect your testosterone level to normal, and support the reset of estrogen, insulin, leptin and thyroid.

Again, these are not a forever change, or maybe they are depending on the severity of your symptoms, deficiency. Simply remember that your body wants + can H E A L! That's its job. BUT we have to give it the right tools (food, thoughts, activity) that it requires to carry out its job!

I'm very passionate about this subject, as I know what it feels like to have crazy town hormones! When they start to balance again, it's like a dark cloud is lifted from above. If you suspect hormonal imbalance, get your levels checked, as they can start to shed lots of light on your symptoms. From there we can work on the rest holistically + with whole foods.

Happy Monday Beautiful Souls

love + light