photo copy 3 Cleansing. I wrote about IT here (which will give you more background to the process), and then embarked on a 3 day journey of just juice. I know some people think it is a little crazy, and YES it is. BECAUSE our society is so focused on food, micronutrients, macronutrients, calories… and not what is this doing for my body on a cellular level or thinking about giving our bodies a break. This miracle machines work so hard for us day in and day out, so why not give it a little vacation? We give our minds a escape when we travel, but our bodies? Most people actually do the opposite. So I truly believe it's time to give your bod a break, especially when digestion is our largest energy zapper out of all our bodily functions.

Enter in GLOW Juicery. Edmonton’s first Juicery that is set to open mid- September (follow it on FB & Twitter to find out more details & upcoming events before it opens...You don't want to miss these). When I heard the news I literally fall out of my chair, or I think I was in bed at the time, I literally jumped up and did a little happy dance! (any excuse for a dance and I’m in). In any case, the incredibly passionate, beautiful, and I swear she is SUPERWOMAN Marnie Ashcroft, is the genius, CEO and founder of GLOW. Let me just tell you she literally glows from the inside out. Her passion, her golden heart and everything that has gone into this company, its mission, values and the lifestyle she is creating is enough to get anyone hooked on juice. I’ve already been hooked for years, but doing her cleanse took it to another level.

As you can see below all the super, high-quality ingredients that goes into these juices. But she forgot THE most important ingredient. LOVE. The love that she puts into each bottle is something that I soaked in every time I took a sip. Each juice was unique and different in their own way and I honestly looked forward to each one (I’ve done one before through one of NYC’S top juice bars, and I admitted to her there were a few I had to choke down, and even one I didn’t even drink (full carrot) ). But with her juices I had nothing even close to those feelings. Each one was a true delight, and I continue to crave them.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 8.58.44 AM

My absolute favorites were:

Ener-g Glow & Glow Boost (probably the two most ‘hardcore’ ones, although they are all EXTREMELY delicious, and not bitter in the slightest)

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 8.58.21 AM

How did I Feel: AMAZING. I literally felt as light as a feather, and to be honest I know I didn’t have a lot of ‘cleansing’ to do, as someone else who eats gluten, meat, dairy, etc… but I don’t think that truly matters. Any and everyone can do a cleanse. I felt so refreshed, my eyes were brighter, my skin was glowing, and I didn’t have to think about food. We take up so much time shopping for food, thinking about what to make, and although I adore cooking healthy fare, it was a nice break for me and for my BOD. I woke up each morning feeling light, energetic and ready to drink my juices for the day. I was physically, and mentally nourished the entire time.


What I loved about this cleanse was that there were 8 juices and Marnie had it beautifully timed so you didn’t have to think about when to have each one. She lays out a rough guideline on times, and to sip coconut water in between if you feel you need an extra boost! So you truly never feel hungry. You are getting ALL the nutrients you need in every bottle so no need to worry. She guides you through it all, and even provides you with a special treat at the end. Let me tell you, it’s divine.

She hand delivered in bags with labels so you didn’t even have to think twice about the process as I know it can be scary for some.

When you meet her you will want to be her best friend, she is one of the most loving and beautiful people I’ve ever met, and her inspiration and passion is felt in every inch of this company, juicery and each individual juice. I feel blessed to call her a friend and comrade, we instantly hit it off.

Final Verdict: I would honestly do one of these every few months. To do a reset, give me system a break, and just soak up all the incredible power and nutrients of cold-pressed, raw, unpasteurized juice. Nothing beats it in my opinion, and I couldn’t recommend this cleanse enough. I’m gushing about it because it is THAT good.

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I loved it, I love GLOW and would recommend it to anyone out of the bottom of my heart.

You can connect with Marnie @ and book your cleanse asap. I would hurry as I know she is booking up with cleanses very quickly...

Once you meet her, drink her juices you will be hooked for life, that I can guarantee.

love & light

x Lisa