10 reasons we feel old, "unglowy' and and like we are gaining weight by the year!

These just touch the surface of the outer layer, and to dig deeper I have to know your background, history and goals! But hopefully this will be a starting point for you guys.

1. Not eating the right foods and getting enough nutrients (aka restricting or eating below your basal metabolic rate) this is just as dangerous as over eating and will make you gain weight. Also breakfast is a must!

2. Eating too many of the wrong carbs and starches

3. Your microbiome is out of whack, aka your gut is not right. You're bloated, constipated ( or the opposite!), constantly hungry, never satiated, or have pain in the abdomen.

4. Your hormones are even just the slightest out of balance... Any sort of imbalance can give you the wildest of symptoms. I've experienced many of these during my years of healing. Weight gain, cystic acne, stubborn weight that wouldn't shift, hair loss, fatigue, anxiety, irregular periods, low moods, crazy PMS and the list goes on!

5. You don't move enough.

6. You're stressed!!! One if not your bodies biggest enemies. Stress can wreak havoc on every single system and cell of your body. It is actually scary what stress can do to someone. You can be eating kale, avocado and broccoli, be stressed, and gain weight (!)

7. Your not getting enough sleep. Sleep is necessary for healing, repair and rejuvenation. This is a massive factor if you're just not feeling right, or you have stubborn weight.

8. You're overmedicated. Too many prescriptions, pain killers and drugs (aka alcohol!)

9. You're not getting enough nutrients! You're eating healthy food, but you're body is not able to absorb the nutrients because you're stressed, have unknown food sensitivities or are simply not eating the right foods for your body / type.

10.You're lacking a sense of passion, meaning and community. Working in a job that stresses you, drains you and simply makes you unhappy. If your work drains you and you aren't living your passion it is hard to do many of the things above. Move, eat and sleep well, and not stress as you work more than you pay or work on your passion.

BONUS - Fixed genes only make up about 2% of the total. The other 98% can be turned on and off! This is BIG NEWS.You do control your body, min and spirit. We are made to feel that everything is out of our reach, and we have no control over our lives. This is very empowering because we can make changes to the trifecta (body, mind and soul) and essentially change our lives for the better. If you feel like things are out of your control, you will always be in that state of mind and nothing will shift. IF you start to believe YOU have the power to change, and only you, big things will start to happen.

Have a beautiful day everyone! And if you want to delve even deeper, check out my page on how I can help you live your optimal and most 'glowy' life ever.

Lisa X