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A healthy lifestyle lays the foundation for just about every in life, for without health we would not be able to read, write, work, have relationships and engage in pleasure and fun.

As each year grows, so does our knowledge, mind and willingness to change and transform our current way of living. No one is perfect, not a single soul. Therefore we are constantly building on our foundation, and taking each passing day, month and year ahead to elevate our health, life and environment around us.

This year holds a lot of bountiful outcomes, and manifestations start coming to life, but we have to take the action to make it happen.

Today I'm outlining a few things that can elevate your health, wealth, happiness and life to help you achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations. Gone are the days of just eating salad, and drinking water, although these are daily musts. We are met with ten times the daily stressors, environmental pollution, toxic chemicals, relationships, and pressure to keep it all up! Which is way we need these things to take us to the next level and mitigate our fast passed lives.

Cheers to a new year, new discoveries and expansion of the mind and body. I will be here for you every step of the way.

1.CBD oil is going to be in just about everything.

Beauty products, food (Sakara chocolates) , juice, and many other consumer products that we are going to start seeing on the shelves. These very legal products won’t make you high (sorry if that's your thing!). They use non-psychoactive extracts from the plant—most notably, cannabidiol or CBD. (The psychoactive THC content is also below the US legal limit of .03 percent.). A growing body of scientific research shows CBD has the power to reduce anxiety and stress, lower inflammation, relax the body and mind, and subtly lift the mood. In full disclosure, I've never had the 'non-legal' variety, but I'm so intrigued and interested in this new wave of research and products. Last year I met a girl suffering with Lyme Disease and she started taking CBD oil and she was able to function again and her symptoms were manageable. I've tried so many unconventional healing modalities when my Lyme was at it's worst, that I'm always up for a new challenge and product and see how it works for my body. Watch this space as I'll share my journey with you when I get my hands on some of these products.

2. Nesting is the new going out. 

If your dream Friday night involves Netflix and tea in your Instagram-worthy bedroom sanctuary versus getting dressed to go out to dinner or dancing, you’re not alone. Nesting is the new going out.

Gen Xers may have been too embarrassed to opt out of weekend social plans, but Millennials are unabashedly dialing theirs back with more “me time.” Whether to decompress after a crazy work week or prevent early professional burnout, they’re getting cozy and getting down with a self-care mindset. Pinterest researcher Larkin Brown confirms that "Self care searches are up 121%”

3. Drinking collagen. 

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s collagen? For a growing number of women, the fibrous protein is the secret to glowing skin—not to mention shiny hair, strong nails, and healthy digestion.

This isn't something totally new, but it's going to take off this year. A few months ago I shared my love for bone broth, which I believe to be one of the most healing beverages, and when you talk about liquid collagen this is it. It's now creeping up all over the place in protein bars, powders, and even a drink called Dirty Lemon as people are starting to feel and see the benefits.

After the age of 25 we start to lose collagen, and the only way to get it, is through supplements. As more and more people start to make the connection between the food they put into their bodies, and the way their bodies perform, look and feel the more this will be showing up on peoples shelves.

Personally since consuming bone broth 3-4 times a week, and in the past taking Great Lakes Gelatin, I've noticed a difference in my skin, hair and nails. There is absolutely no denying the health benefits of collagen.

4. Ditching make up for a more natural look, skin first.

Skin first, make up second.

Women are starting to take much  better care of their skin and spending less on make up. The realization that make up only covers, and will never truly get deep down to the layer where the problems are starting is becoming much more apparent to ladies. Of course some women will always love the art of make up, but the focus is starting to shine on the biggest star, your skin. There is no amount of makeup that will make you feel as beautiful as clean, fresh, and glowing skin.

I'm seeing more clients want to heal their skin from the inside out, and I couldn't be happier. There is a movement towards the internal instead of the external, and we are starting to feel and see this shift in our own lives, and that of others.

5. A sobriety movement

With our preoccupation in all things health and wellness, green smoothies are up and drinking is down. In fact, juice crawls are replacing bar crawls, and "sober is the new drunk" for the millennial generation.

When people start to work out more, eat and drink more vegetables, steer clear of added sugar, walk more and overall just live a healthy lifestyle, alcohol starts to lose it's appeal as the effects, and especially the after effects are ELEVATED. As your body, blood and lymph fluid starts to cleanse and detoxify, you become much more sensitive to outside pollutants, toxins and pathogens!

6. Beauty counters are going organic and natural

You will always have the mainstays at the beauty counter a la Clinique and Estee Lauder, but you can now find RMS at Sephora (!), along with many other natural brands such as Caudalie and Drunk Elephant. Consumers are becoming more educated as to what they are putting on their skin. This is a natural progression as we are now much more knowledgable as to what we put IN our bodies. It's only natural that we start to focus on our largest organ, our Skin.

7. Coffee, elevated.

So long are the days of plain coffees, although sometimes a pure, black, organic Americano is divine. Coffee is now getting elevated with mushroom powders, elixirs, beauty + brain dusts, adaptogens, butter, mct oil, coconut oil, to name a few. The goal behind all of this is to help mitigate the effects of the caffeine on your system, and the acidic properties of coffee. Not to say that coffee is bad, BUT it's also not 100% great. Only 50% of us can actually metabolize coffee, as a large portion of the population feel anxious, experience heart palpitations, anxiety, and have stomach distress when consuming coffee. The thing is even if people are experiencing these symptoms, they continue to drink it!

When the above magical ingredients and potions are added to your morning brew, you not only mitigate the effects of coffee, but you're also elevating and nourishing your endocrine, and nervous system, while boosting your metabolism!

8. Inflammation fighting foods are filling up your grocery cart.

Fighting inflammation with food is quickly becoming a major health priority—and for good reason, considering inflammation is linked to everything from bloating and acne to life threatening illnesses. People are really starting to evaluate their grocery carts.

Turmeric started to make major head way in 2016, with the ever popular Curcumin in supplement form, that has been having radical effects on arthritis and auto-immune diseases.

This year people will not only be adding turmeric to their monthly shopping lists (you can find organic turmeric in bulk for cheap!), but ginger tea (make it fresh by grating fresh ginger into a tea pot and add a whole lemon to hot water), a variety of greens, not just kale and lettuce. Collards, radish greens, dandelion will be finding their way into your cart. Wild blueberries, which are known to be one of the most powerful foods on the planet, and bok choy which should not be dismissed at the grocery store.

We are starting to expand our minds, along with our grocery carts to truly elevate our health!

If you're looking to change your lifestyle, habits and reach some goals that you haven't been able to make or keep, you can book a FREE call for me, to see if we're a good fit as we head into the New Year. I would be honored to be by your side on your journey to ever lasting health and wealth. 

HAPPY 2017 FRIENDS! Looking forward to the journey ahead.


Lisa xx