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If stress load is heavy, sleep is minimal, emotions and hormones are playing havoc or you simply don’t feel the happiness you once had to bounce out of bed in the morning, it’s time to address what’s going in and, as a result, what you get out.

Let’s look at the food to feed your good mood. These are foods rich in magnesium, B12 and the amino acid tryptophan and simply some of my favorite foods. They are nutrient dense, mineral rich and make me oh so joyous.

Such beautiful nutrients, once ingested, support neurotransmitters responsible for calming our state, balancing our emotions, relaxing us into sleep, pepping us up when awake and producing serotonin – our happy hormone. HAPPY FOOD FOR THE NEW WEEK AHEAD!


Leafy greens top the list for many reasons in health, but happiness adds another cause to go a little greener. Spinach is rich in magnesium, folate and antioxidants to support brain health and function, and may reduce anxiety and depression. Work it into your diet by piling spinach in your smoothies, using collard leaves instead of warps with avo at lunch, sauteing copious amounts of greens for dinner or popping in a juice come snack time.


Beautiful nourishing Omega 3 fats in fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, and mackerel are wonderful in more ways than one. The fatty acids present in these fish support the health of your brain, hormones and in the process can make your skin glow. But if these aren’t your catch, lobster, crab and other shellfish are rich in B12 to help move you into a calming sleep and restore your energy. Aim for fish 1-3 times per week with a big bowl of leafy greens to boost your body into healthful happiness.


The ultimate food for creating good mood! Cacao, the purest and most nourishing ingredient you can get your mitts on for a chocolate hit, is rich in tryptophan and magnesium to improve mood and sleep by supporting the production of serotonin and melatonin. Steer clear of those packed with sugar however, as this will cause your energy and mood to peak and then decline rapidly. Bring cacao into your diet with good health in mind through smoothies, heart-warming hot chocolates and delicious raw morsels to make you smile. My favorite brands include: Giddy yo yo, Antidote, + Chocosol.

Here's to a very, very Happy Week!