e03d5c6393e78f482de29484915242b5 When people ask the best way to lose weight, there are a variety + multitude of influencing factors to be considered. It’s our body’s metabolism, however, that has the greatest role in weight loss and management long term. Our metabolism is the interaction of many different biochemical processes within us that help us to function normally.

Metabolism is influenced by lean muscle mass, age, growth, genetics, gender, crash diets and fasting, physical activity, hormones, nervous system and environmental temperatures. When weight loss is a goal, we look to improve the rate at which we burn energy – that is our basal (base) metabolic rate, in consideration of all of these factors.

As we age, our metabolism becomes slower.FACT, but it doesn't mean it is our fate! Genetics can have a partial role in rate of metabolism, men generally have faster metabolisms than women, fasting can slow one’s metabolism, physical activity can improve the rate we burn energy, hormonal imbalances and stress can impact the metabolism in different ways, sometimes faster and other times it forces it to slow down, and the environmental temperature where we live can raise or reduce metabolic rate too.

There are some basic tools we can put into play to generally improve metabolism, which are lovely and simple. Consider these on the daily…


Aim to move your body in some way every day! This is huge, you need to give your lympthatic system some loving as if you don't move, neither does your lymph fluid, aka release of toxins. Yoga, Pilates, running, walking, HIIT, circuit, CrossFit, dancing, weights will all serve you well. Weights training two to three times per week (using your body weight or weighted exercises) however will help build lean muscle mass and keep your body burning energy more rapidly outside the times of training, which is the winning component.


Try not to fall into the trap of skipping meals in the belief that it will help to shed weight. It will simply slow the metabolism down. Instead aim to eat nourishing foods frequently and increase intake of metabolism boosters such as chilli, horseradish, chicken, fish, leafy greens, green tea and water aplenty.


Such a key component to weight loss and health, yet one so frequently missed! Good quality sleep will reduce the risk of fatigue, which long term reduces metabolic rate. Allowing the body to restore well will ensure hormones are balanced and communicating beautifully to keep our body in optimal condition.

These are very general, but comprise the foundation for any weight loss equation. This is where I work with clients 1-on-1 to tailor specific plans and programs for their goals and lifestyle!

Have a beautiful start to your week.