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When it comes to your appearance, your GI tract may actually play a bigger role than your genes, because without a healthy gut, it’s really hard to have glowing skin or thick, shiny hair. Your digestive tract is like the soil, and your hair and skin are like the plants: if the soil isn’t healthy, the plants wont bloom properly. Nourish your inner soil with tons of plants and you’ll glow from the inside out. Nourish your inner soil with fermented foods, which contain both probiotics and prebiotics to nourish the good bacteria in your body. You see, what you eat, your gut microbes eat. And when you don’t feed them what they need—think fiber, probiotics and greens—they eat you. A little creepy? Maybe. But it’s true. When your gut flora turns on you, it can cause a condition called leaky gut, in which food particles and bad bacteria to sneak into your bloodstream, leading to inflammation. And inflammation shows up in your skin in the form of acne, rosacea and eczema. Fermented foods are one of the best remedies for your microbiome and your heavenly glow.

Some of my favorite fermented foods + ways to re- populate your microbiome //

- Sauerkraut - Look for unpasteurized and organic. If it is not in the fridge section, do not eat it!

- Kimchi - Look for brands that do not contain any sugar, as this will make your microbiome turn on you in the form of lots of gas. This also needs to be found in the fridge section to keep the enzymes alive. Kimchi is spicy so make sure that your gut can handle the high spice factor.

- Kombucha - A fermented probiotic drink that helps repopulate the good bacteria in your gut. It's very healing, and is as powerful as taking a probiotic capsule. IF you do notice bloating, bad gas or an uncomfortable it most likely means that your gut needs some healing.

- Organic Tempeh - Fermented soybeans. Two things - make sure it is organic and gain make sure it's in refrigerator. I only eat this maybe once or twice a month! I actually like it raw or sauteed lightly in coconut oil + spices.

- Organic Miso - Organic miso broth is very healing and soothing to the gut! Have it before a meal to get your digestion fired up. TIP - Make your broth by simmering your veggies, take the broth off the stove and then add the miso or you will call the enzymes with the super high heat!

- Probiotic Capsules - Again these must be refrigerated - so if you are buying them in a health food store make sure they are in the fridge and if you are ordered online inquire to the company and make sure they are shipped promptly. You can also get strains that you do not need to put in the fridge, which are an excellent option for when you travel. But the best ones have a very high strain of probiotics and are in the fridge.