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As we enter into the all indulgent holiday season, I want you to be mindful. That is all I ask, m i n d f u l n e s s. It's WAY too easy to lose steam and let things go. Parties, events, endless treats, late evenings, more alcohol, sweets . . . We end up tired, lack luster, 'pimply', fatigued, dehydrated and our glow seems to vanish during the season when we want to be our brightest + most alive to celebrate with family, friends + loves.

I want you to transition your mind into thinking about treats and NOT cheats. When we think about 'cheat meals' or 'cheat days' (which I NEVER recommend!) it lends itself to a negative connotation - our bodies tense, we feel guilt, and this can carry on for hours, days or even weeks. When we become rigid and too extreme, we lose a sense of balance, motivation and the guilt we carry is WAY worse than actually eating your t r e a t.

What is of importance here is the spacing of these t r e a t s and the true meaning behind them. Are we eating them JUST because they are there, because we eat them everywhere, because we haven't planned properly and had a nutritious bite before the big holiday party. Start to question W H Y, why am I doing this, does it even taste good, am I totally enjoying each bite or am I simply stuffing my face. Furthermore, eating ONE - TWO t r e a t s a week and being mindful about it, is WAY different than indulging daily. We CRAVE what is in our bloodstream, and if we are treating on the daily, we are heading down the sneaky spiral very quickly and before you know it you enter 2015 tired, fatigued, guilt ridden and most likely a few pounds heavier ( the average person gains 8 lbs between Thanksgiving + New Years (!) Shocking.

My advice - C H O O S E your treats wisely, and see the as treats, NOT cheats. Is it your mama's homemade cake + baking, is it an indulgent homemade hot chocolate or your grandmas fruit cake.

Life is about balance AND moderation. If you are living holistically during the week and sticking to Whole, Organic foods on the regular, having these treats will only do good for your mind and body.

I feel more on this coming soon, but as we enter this Festive + F U N season, practice mindfulness. We ALL want to enter 2015 strong, glowing + ready to tackle the year ahead.

What are your favorite treats this holiday season?

love & light