Myths, Fads, Trends , Buzz words... 

Today I'm debunking some of the health trends, and news that's been buzzing around the health-o-sphere as of late. I know that things like this are bound to happen as our culture is changing so quickly, people always love something new and flashy, and as humans we get very easily excited and stimulated with new things going on around us. Not to mention that these so called trends and fads have a strange way of unifying people. "WE" (collective, not you or I) want to feel like we belong, we want to feel like we have a part to play in the larger game of it all. If  "WE" drink XYZ, or engage in popular trendy activity than we will be "cool", we will fit in, and therefore we will belong. Belong to what you ask, that is often the question that I believe goes unanswered. Often times people participate, engage, consume, but they really don't know why. They simply know that it's cool, it's what people are doing on instagram, and the fear of not consuming is much greater than the questioning of their belief systems, values, and personal well-being. 


I'm not saying this is you, and I don't believe this is me. as I'm always the black sheep of the bunch, but I'm sure you've witnessed it, or continue to witness it on a daily basis depending on where you live, and work. If you do find yourself being unsure of yourself, and engaging in activities just because it's popular, in the media, or a trend, that's okay. Don't worry. I think the important thing here is the mindfulness behind it all. Is it happening unconsciously? Do you really feel good when consuming certain foods that are unhealthy, just because it's trendy? Is it feasible financially? Is there enough time in your day to be stressing about it? Don't feel down and out, but begin to question the why's...


Our days are full, and we often go into autopilot to survive the hectic nature of it all, but what if you shook things up a bit! What if you started to question the way you're doing things, and if they aren't serving you, slowly but surely make some shifts in the direction you want to go to? 


Just some food for thought on this beautiful morning! ♥ 


Now down to the fun stuff. I want to preface this by saying that they are my own personal opinions, viewpoints and thoughts. I'am a holistic nutritionist, so some of it comes from a nutritional view point, and 


THE UNICORN TREND - What do you think? So first of all I always try and see the good in everything, and everyone. I love the creations that are using an abundance of fruits, and vegetables, but most of the time these natural creations are still full of lots of sugar. Speaking of sugar these Unicorn frapps via Starbucks which contain over 60 grams of sugar, which equal to over five tablespoons of pure white sugar, is quite the sugar bomb! Not to mention this is just the grande size. I've seen people with Venti Frapps! Again, I'm not here to judge in the slightest, this is coming from a place of love, but I don't know if people are aware of some of these nutritional details. Also children! The amount of sugar in one of those drinks, is what their sugar intake should be for an entire week, if that!



I'm going to have to pass on this one....even the healthy renditions. I even saw unicorn protein almond butter spread at the health food store last week. I see this trend fizzling soon! 


CHARCOAL AS A DETOXIFIER - I've seen charcoal pop up everywhere, especially in cold pressed juices! I'm all for detoxing the body, and giving it a cleanse, but the amount of charcoal that's being put in these beverages is next to nothing. Top it off with the fact that it's usually mixed with high sugar fruits / juices, which is ultimately negating the effects of the charcoal :) Sugar burdens the liver, and kidneys which are ultimately doing the detoxing for you. Our bodies are built to detoxify naturally, all on their own. We were created as perfect beings, and if we aid our body in cleansing, resetting, and giving it a break, we don't need to take drastic detoxing measures, and be consuming charcoal. You would have to consume heaps of charcoal to notice it's effects, and I would never, ever recommend it as it can be very dangerous.  


By pass the charcoal, go for straight greens, RESET your body naturally, and don't worry about detoxing! If you feed your bod wholesome product, heaps of fresh water, and are mindful of what's going in, and out you won't have to spend your hard earned money on charcoal lemon water. 



KETOSIS - I'm sure you've heard this word buzzing around health circles, online and at your local gym. Essentially what you're doing is eating very, very, very low carb to push your body into "ketosis" which you start burning your fat stores (ketones) for fuel instead of the glucose that you're receiving form carbohydrates. Ketosis fans, and advocates usually strive for 50 grams of carbs of even lower, which is quite low guys. I always want to stress, I'm not judging or negating this way of eating, but just offering a few thoughts, points and my own personal experience with it. 



I believe that this way of thinking about food can be a little dangerous. Carbohydrates are not evil, not even in the slightest. Our brains run off of glucose, and to be consuming super high amounts of healthy fats and lots of animal proteins is also not healthy. I fully, fully, fully believe in balanced states, and finding what works for you! Maybe a state of ketosis works for you, and you're able to sustain it until the end of time, but for most it will be too restricting, obsessive, and will elicit lots of guilt and negative feelings, which are acidic, when / if ketosis is not reached (it take around 3 days to get into ketosis, and then you have to maintain it). When I was healing with my lyme disease, I tried many, many diets, lifestyles, and found that none of them were sustainable for me, which is the most important thing when finding a lifestyle. This is most often than not what I work on with my clients. Yes of course, what's healthy, but most importantly what is sustainable for you on the daily basis, for the rest of your life, as health = longevity. Not just a  faze or craze that will last a few months. For me personally when I eat super low-carb, and a lot more healthy fats, I put on some weight which made me feel quite uncomfortable. It was great for me to experiment with as I was in a major healing faze of my life, but because I had already gained over twenty pounds from my lyme, I started to not feel like myself. 

Today, I do eat lower in carb only because a lot of grains tend to inflame me due to their lectin content. Lectin isn't bad, but because my body is in a more sensitive state, I'm just more prone to inflammation, and can tell instantly when this happens. Quinoa, beans, legumes do it for me. That's not to say I don't enjoy healthy carbs, because I do. I love japanese sweet potatoes so much (the white ones), organic popcorn on the weekends, oatmeal in the winter, squashes come fall, watermelon, hummus in moderation, beets galore, going out for GF pizza on a date night, I also consume berries and fruit in my smoothies which are naturally carby! When you speak about 50 grams it's really low, and to have to be worried about measuring your intake, and focusing on the numbers, it can get a little hectic for most, some find great pleasure in this. But I'm guessing for the most of you, this isn't your jam. 


WEIGHT LOSS TEAS OR TEA CLEANSES - In the past few years I've seen a multitude of tea cleanses, detoxes and teas that promise cleansing, detoxing and weight loss. Most of them are teas that are loaded with diuretics (which simply increases your urine production), and a high amount of green tea or guarana, which is used as a stimulant and is geared toward weight loss. 



As a holistic nutritionist and practitioner I have quite a lot to say about these teas, but only because there is no easy way to weight loss, if this is why you're consuming them. I'm quite tough love, with the most compassionate heart, with my clients, because I want to be 10000% honest with them, and very real about their goals, and results. I fully believe that you have to be healthy to lose weight, and not lose weight to be healthy. Any sort of weight loss plan / goals will take time, and a lot of hard work. I always get my clients to journal how they got to where they are, and what the time frame was. In most cases this has been years of stress, poor habits, and food choices, sometimes even decades. Therefore seeing shifts, and sustainable loss will take time! If it's taken someone years, and years to get into one state, it might take years to reserve. But, it will last, and the yo-yoing will be gone forever!

That is my goal when you work with me. Therefore I'm not a fan of these teas or beverages that promote weight loss with their consumption. It sends a quick-fix message into very impressionable young females looking for answers, products and supplements that will quench their desire to shift their bodies instantly! I'm all for drinking teas, and adore green tea myself. Which I often recommend to my clients who enquire about these tea cleanses. Honestly I think you would be better off just drinking a variety of teas, and herbs that will supplement your own personal whole food meal plan to your happiest, and healthiest body ever (and forever). 


I hope this post provided some insight into some of these areas that you were possibly questioning. If I didn't touch upon some of the fads + trends you've seen buzzing around, I would love to hear what you want me to debunk next! 

What's some buzz you've heard floating around the interwebs? 


Love & light, 


Lisa xx 



For those of you in need of deeper guidance, support and love during the beautiful, exciting and often difficult journey when it comes to our own unique bodies, health and lifestyles, I look forward to connecting over a session.