CYF58NjWwAQ-IzE Sorry for all the New Years posts but I really want to support, guide and hopefully inspire you these first few weeks of the New Year.

Resolving to make over your health can be daunting and it’s completely fair to feel that way. Our health lays the foundation of everything we do, breathe and live so while a resolution of complete change is a wonderful and ambitious attitude remember be kind to yourself in the process and take it one bite at a time. Literally. Do not get overwhelmed and resolved to change every single morsel that enters your mouth. But as you take your next bite, I’m going to offer you some food for thought, on sugar. A evil that has come and taken our health away as a society!

Our modern society is, for want of a better word, addicted to sugar. It’s laced through so many manufactured and commercial food products, the average consumer often doesn’t know it’s there. That tomato sauce your eating, sugar, that almond milk you are drinking, sugar. It is everywhere, even in healthy foods. So while at times we might think we are making good choices, we are instead - and unfortunately - fooled. The low fat diet, for example, prescribes a lot to this. By removing fat from a food we also remove a lot of flavor and thus manufacturers up the flavor by adding refined sugars (and salts). The paradox here is that for so long people have felt that low fat diets are the key to weight loss and change, when really our bodies are tuned to utilize fat for energy, hormone production and brain function (that’s just to start) before sugar.

The secret begins with reducing the sweet stuff in the diet and creating new habits in health. Here are a few ideas for you to move forward into the new year:

1. Reduce refined and processed sugars.- Foods such as biscuits, cakes, cookies, table sugar, commercial chocolate and candy, condiments, soft drinks and bottled sauces are at the start of the list. If these are frequently present in your life then take it day by day to make the change and minimise their appearance. Soft drinks are so 1998 :)

2. Make the initial swap from refined to more natural alternatives, but use these natural alternatives with a balanced, moderated approach. - At the end of the day we’re still trying to reduce our body’s need for the sweet sensation, whether it comes from natural or refined sources. Ultimately we’re better with less sweet and more savoury flavours, foods and the beautiful nutrients we can gain from it. However, in the interim, whilst transitioning (because there will a period of transition) instead of having your afternoon sugar hit from a block of chocolate or coffee-with-one, aim for a piece of fruit with just a spread of nut butter, or a little raw treat for example (like my Bliss Balls !) . At least by doing this we offer our body good nutrition instead of refined sugars that can deplete the nutrition our bodies need to thrive.

3. Increase your intake of whole, healthy fats. - Remember the human body was made to burn fat and not only can it do this more efficiently by eating good fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, seed butters, coconuts), eating fat will help reduce the craving for sugar. That’s a two (well honestly it’s way more than two) for one deal standing right in front of you.

The less sugar you start having, the less you will crave it. You only crave what is in your blood stream. With anything when it comes to health, one. step. at. a. time. Slow and steady always wins the race.

Happy Wednesday Beauties!