I love it.

I love the taste.

I love Americano's.

I love cute little cafes + discovering new ones. In Toronto, and when we travel.

I love coffee culture. Coffee enthusiasts are soooo passionate.

The smell is so warming + soothing.

I don't get a huge buzz, as I drink green tea all the time. But it does give me a small perk.

It's a small ritual in my day that I thoroughly + lovingly enjoy.

I love have early morning coffee dates + goooood fresh americano's.

I love adding homemade pumpkin seed mylk to it.

It DOES have antioxidants, if you drink the good stuff. It's not a 'health food' but numerous studies have claimed it to be beneficial in a multitude of functions.

This is just my personal story + love for the bean. I didn't start liking or drinking coffee until I was 22/23. I was living in South Africa, and I was introduced by a friend who had an italian espresso machine in her house. It was pure, fresh, and I actually liked the taste for the first time. I didn't love it, or know much about it, but I enjoyed it. I would have it a few times a week for a few years. Move forward a few years when I moved back home after NYC. Oh, and while I lived in NYC I did enjoy many Americano's in the city streets. If I didn't have it a few times week in the city, than I would borrow my roommates french press, and indulge in a coffee with coconut milk creamer (!) In any case, all of this to say, that I loved the bean, and it was a little sip of joy in my day. Although while I was drinking coffee I was unknowingly fighting Lymes Disease. I didn't KNOW I had it, but I knew I was sick. I was alkalizing my body to the max, and drinking fresh pressed juice every single day, but I still enjoyed my coffee. Well things changed drastically when I moved back to Edmonton. . . .

Looking back now it's kind of funny, because I bought a Nespresso machine along this journey! This all came to an end very quickly. I woke up one morning, just as a did with becoming a vegan, and knew I had to quite coffee cold turkey. This is exactly what I did for 1.5 years. I sold my Nespresso machine that week, and bought a Santevia Alkaline water system with that money. BEST DECISION EVER. This water system with a gift from the gods. It was exactly what I needed, at those moments. My body needed intense healing, and although coffee is not BAD, not at all, it is more acidic in nature. My body needed 100% alkalization.

This went on for 1.5 years when last summer I decided to have my first Americano at a cute little cafe called Mabel's about a 5 minute walk from my old apartment. I made it an experience. I put on a dress, grabbed a journal, and walked to get my fair-trade organic Americano. My first sip - bliss. I savored it, and was mindful about each sip. I declared I would have one Americano a week . . . well to be honest this only lasted a few months. A few more trickled in, and it turned into 2-3 a week . . . NOW I do have one every day.

To be honest I was fearful at first, how would my body react, would old symptoms return, was my body strong enough to handle it? All of these thoughts raced through my head. BUT honestly, none of the above happened. My body IS strong enough. I've worked really, really, really hard to make it so. And coffee for me, is a bit of a 'treat' as it is still acidic, and can dehydrate you. I simply make sure I drink more than my 3 liters of water daily - it's usually around 4-5 L!

The biggest thing about all of this is the mental strength and balance that grew throughout this.I know it seems quite deep and introspective, but it did teach me a lot. Although I still have my coffee and raw chocolate, I do so without guilt. They are simple pleasures that I E N J O Y. When I was healing I had to be VERY strict with everything I put in my body, every single morsel of food or drink. BUT NOW, I see these pleasures as joyful additions to my life. My body is S T R O N G.

Some of you are probably like, just drink your coffee + eat your chocolate!!! And I agree. For me though, I've just had to be extra mindful + calculated about things, and that is OK. Food IS my medicine, and my thoughts + mind create my reality.

WE ultimately have to listen to our own bodies! They talk to us every second.

But I do agree drink your (good) coffee + 'healthy' chocolate and have the radest week ever!


love & light