'But Organic is so expensive' a sentiment whispered from my clients, family, friends and strangers.

I'm not going to lie it's definitely more of an investment, and investment it is. But let me provide you with some reasoning behind it. It's actually something I go into more depth in my eBook, as I truly want everyone to make a conscious choice into what they are putting into their grocery carts. I believe it's quality, over quantity, and I want to help make it more accessible to the masses. 

Why do I eat organic, and what motivates me? 

 I first and foremost believe in prevention, rather than treatment. How can I feed my body now, so I can live a very, very healthy and vibrant life into my 80's and 90's. That is ultimately my goal. Food is absolutely everything, and I know you've heard it a million times before, but only because it simply states the absolute truth: You Are What You EAT. At the end of the day our bodies are made up of cells, and we cannot deny it. We are cellular creatures to our core, and what feeds these cells, apart from our bodies own cellular processes?


Everything we do, or do not put into our bodies is dictating how our bodies regenerate, heal, and carry our it's million of daily processes. It's the fuel to our fire. 

This post isn't to scare you away from conventional produce, truly. Quite the opposite actually, it's to provide you with some tools to become more well equipped, educated and empowered. We don't know, what we don't know. Therefore it's important to take things into our own hands, so we can feel all the joy that comes with making the right choices firstly for ourselves, and then for our families. 

I truly wish organic prices weren't so high, but I foresee this being a reality for the time being. GMO agriculture is over taking our crops, food supply and grocery stores. It's not about keeping us healthy anymore, it comes down to the dollar. The sicker we get, the happier government, agriculture and the medical system is. If we aren't sick, big pharma crumbles, and it all goes down hill from there.

Isn't that sick? Unfortunately it's the reality! It fires me up even more to help spread the message, and simply motivate by doing, not by saying. Therefore everything I'm telling you, and speak about, I actively do on a daily basis!!! 

I'm hopeful though, and optimistic about a global shift of consciousness and choice. I could go on and on about this, but what I wanted to share today is my top tips for eating organic on a budget. It's not always easy, and it will take more work and time, but I promise you it will be worth it in every way.

When it comes down to the large picture, health is wealth.


Dirty Dozen + Clean Fifteen

This will always be my number one tip for people looking to cut down on organic produce costs. TheDirty Dozenand the Clean Fifteen are the top foods, in their respective lists, that when purchasing produce should be followed. They are updated every year and are great guides to follow when out shopping. With the dirty dozen I like to tell people to always purchase organic apples, greens, and berries, the rest just be mindful of the source and buy local when you can.

Eat in Season

Eating in season will always drive down your grocery bills. Tis' the season for more fresh leafy greens, green beans, fresh + local berries, watermelon, peppers, cruciferous vegetables, peas, carrots, potatoes! Embrace the seasons and eat with Mother Nature and her cycles.

Buy Organic Frozen Produce

I always buy organic wild berries which you can find at most grocery stores for a lot cheaper. Further some organic greens and squashes are a lot less as well and they are more readily available. Be mindful of where they are coming from, and don't shy away from frozen foods if they are organic and contain no preservatives. These companies are conscious about retaining the nutrients and preserving all of the fruits and vegetables potent nutrients.

Shop Around

This is where some of the work comes in! I'm not going to lie this takes a little bit more time than doing all of your shopping in one place on one specific day of the week. I consider myself a serial grocery shopper! If I know organic lettuce is cheaper at one shop, but avocados and kale cheaper at another, I will go to both. I'm very strategic about it, and try to optimize my time and day, and because I value this way of eating I don't mind spending more time shopping around. I also know most grocers around the city by know, therefore I know where I can get my organics that are the highest of quality, and most budget friendly.

I truly hope some of these tips help you on your Organic journey! It's my wish that everyone, everywhere is able to incorporate more organics into their lives. It's not about being perfect, and it's not a exclusive lifestyle.

A few small changes go a long, long way.

Lisa xx 

*** My eBookgoes into much greater depth regarding this, so if you're looking for more guidance in eating organic, or shifting your lifestyle to a more sustainable, whole foods life, this book will be your BFF. I also have my 5 Day Reset in it which is so luscious and green, I guarantee you will be glowing after. Seriously. It's my guarantee. ***