935406_477786195634685_1436576641_n Have you seen the above diagram before? I actually just came across it a few months ago! I knew this to be true, as I've been experiencing it first hand with Ballet Beautiful. I've been doing 0 cardio, in the traditional sense of the term - running, cross-fitting, cardio classes, boxing, etc. . . This past year (since I started doing Ballet Beautiful almost exclusively) has simply consisted of Ballet Beautiful 5-6 days a week, and walking e v e r y w h e r e! Last year I said goodbye to my metro pass to see how I would fare walking to and from work, appointments, dates with friends. I saw it as my 'cardiovascular routine' to pump up my heart, and it was the best decision.

This wasn't me a few years ago though, I thought CARDIO was king! I would hit the elliptical for an hour, and called it a day. I didn't want to weight train for fear of 'bulking' - I have quite a muscular structure to begin with, so left the weights on the rack. I wasn't connected to my body, and simply went through the emotions of 'exercising'. I was 'CLEAN' eating by definition of the term, but I wasn't relaxed by any means about it. Part of it was due to my healing journey, and prescribing to a very medicinal approach when it came to my food intake. Absolutely nothing processed or foreign could enter by body, as I didn't want to give the Lyme Disease anything to feed off of! (especially sugar, it loves sugar). Therefore you could say I was disciplined by nature regarding what and when I ate. I had to have a green juice in the morning, and at least one salad a day, if not two. I was a greens Monster, and I still am, but before it wasn't as relaxed as it is now. Looking back at it now though, it served me so, so well.

Food was and is my medicine ( I still don't eat processed foods (except for some raw chocolate and avocado oil, himalayan salt + air popped popcorn!, dairy, sugar, wheat, pork and all red meat) as my body thrives on this, and I've figured out what works for my body, which is a lot of greens, healthy fats, and wild fish. BUT in all of this, and like I said in my LAST post, becoming more relaxed in nature, cutting back on cardio, adding in more resistance training through BB, while still putting the focus on clean eating 85-90% of the time - my body has loved every bit of it and has never been more lean! My muscles have lengthened, toned and leaned, and I feel so feminine and confident in my body (truth bomb: this was not the case before.).

I've worked very hard to be where I am today, which I think people often forget. Everyone wants instant results, and if I look back, it truly has taken me over four or five years to get to this place. It was a long, often times frustrating, and difficult road. I use this experience and knowledge with my clients as I really express that absolutely nothing good comes quickly. It takes A LOT of hard work. If it's easy, it is not sustainable.

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Does the above diagram resonate with you? Are you pounding away on the treadmill and seeing no results? And because of ALL the cardio you are doing, you're gaining weight because you think you've burned x,y, and z calories? This is what tends to happen, especially with runners. I see runners constantly carb fueling, and believing they can eat any & everything because they have clocked a high number of miles, they usually end up bulking and gaining. THIS does not mean do not do cardio, and forgo your spin class, or boxing class! NOT AT ALL. What I'm highlighting is that cardio is not king, and that healthy eating will always, always, always take precedence above anything. It's like those sayings - 'exercise will never out run a bad diet' and 'you are what you eat'. The way you look is almost 90% of the food you intake! Of course there is genetic predisposition for muscle development, and where we gain weight, but our genetics do NOT dictate our physical fate.


When it comes down to it - Optimal Nutrition, resistance training, a more relaxed attitude, STRESS free living - I know sometimes this is unavoidable, but this is sometimes the #1 contributor to weight gain + un-healthiness, cardiovascular activity that you enjoy 2-3 times a week, + HAVING FUN!!! Life is all about having fun, and maintaining a balance. This is different for everyone! The journey of it all, is finding YOUR balance.

This is part of my mission. To help people find this balance - guide, support, heal, coach,+ love you through ALL of this!


xxx love & light