Because we all know when we get hungry, we aren't always our most cheery selves...




Who here doesn't love a good snack?!

I don't always have the desire or need to snack, because if I've had a super filling breakfast (my oats will sometimes last me 5-6 hours), or if I've had a late lunch or one on the larger side, I won't feel the need to snack, as I'm super nourished and satisfied. But if I've had a green smoothie, which can sometimes burn through me in a few hours, or I've been more active, I'll definitely need something to last me another few hours until my next meal.

If I've been running around all day, or at my desk writing (Brain working over time), then my body craves, and needs the nourishment. Big time. It not only gives my body extra vitamins, and minerals, I don't head into dinner ravenous and wanting to eat way too much, which has happened many times before! Uncomfortable tummy, full of healthy food, but way, too. much.

So today I wanted to share five of my favorite snacks that take less than five minutes to make, some take only one minute!

Snacks have to be simple, satisfying, and on the lighter end. You don't want to end up eating too much for a snack, or else you won't be hungry for your next meal! On the other hand, if you know you're going to be very busy, or you don't have time to pack some meals, and don't want to buy your breakfasts / lunches, having a bunch of snacks or lighter meals every 2-3 hours will work great.

My number one thing when I work with clients is to help guide them towards listening to their body, and their body alone. Everyone is so incredibly different, and just because someone else is hungry, it might not mean you are. Additionally, a clock has noooo idea what your internal body is feeling, wanting and signaling to you. Try to really tune into your own bodily messages, and go by that, and not someone else or the clock!

Here are some of my personal favorites and standbys when I'm in a pinch // 

  • CHIA PUDDING - This is brilliant because you can make it the night before, or in the morning as you run out the door, as it takes less than ten minutes to get nice and thick. You can also keep a jar of chia seeds at work, keep your nut/seed milk in your work fridge and make this on the fly super quick! Top with some berries, fruit or more nuts for a super nutritious and nutrient dense snack.
  • HUMMUS + VEGETABLES - Always a home run. You can never go wrong with a solid hummus that is full of protein, healthy complex carbs, and super mineral rich. Add it with a vegetable (cracker as second choice : )) , and this will leave you buzzing for hours. I made this hummus at home (recipe to come), as I'm not a fun of the sunflower + canola oils that get added to store bought hummus, but there are some on the market that use strictly tahini or olive oil. Be on the lookout! My favorite veggies to have it with, include peppers, celery, cucumbers, carrots and radishes.
  • AVOCADO - What can't these bad boy do? You don't even have to add it to anything, and it's completely perfect on its own. I love, love, love eating avo's as snack. I cut it open, sprinkle some sea salt on it and scoop it out with a spoon. I notice when I'm eating them on the daily, my hair is much shinier, and my skin doesn't need as much moisture. No joke! These green fruits are so potent and powerful, and will leave you satiated for hours. Don't under estimate these humble fruit.
  • SCOOP OF NUT OR SEED BUTTER - Quick, simple, cost effective and incredible nourishing. Full of healthy fats, that I go crazy for. My all time favorite butter is pumpkin seed (pictured above) as I find it deeply mineral rich, I love that it's green, and I find it less dense than a nut butter if that makes sense. I often have a hard time digesting nuts (I'm intolerant to almonds and walnuts), but seeds are always easier on the digestion system, unless you have a allergy to seeds! My advice, go for the one you love, and that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Just try to steer clear of peanut butter, but anything else is fair game.
  • BANANA SLICES + HEMP SEEDS - I feel like the banana has become vilified! Too much sugar, too many starches. I honestly think if eaten in moderation, or in the earlier part of the day, it's extremely hydrating and beautifying. The trick here is that they must be ripe, so they can digest and break down properly. Too green = too starchy, which means they aren't good for anyone. But these guys are super rich in trace minerals  (selenium, copper) and contain large amounts of potassium, which is one of the most critical nutrients for neurotransmitter function AKA a healthy and happy brain. Bananas are also high in tryptophan, which promotes a feeling of calm and serenity. I love bananas, but don't eat them everyday, but if you do, that's ok too! Every body is different. I love having them with a fat, either hemp seeds (show above) or with some pumpkin seed butter. My favorite combo on a dark cold morning is oats cooked in coconut milk + water, dash of cinnamon + sea salt, then after cooking I add banana, generous scoops of pumpkin seed butter and another splash of coconut milk to top it off. This combo keeps me full for 5-6 hours.


There are many more snacks and combinations to be had, but these are my favorite and ones that I have consistently. They're also super easy, nutrient dense, healing, quick and simple, which I know is important to everyone. Hopefully this will help prevent the 3-4pm pastry, sweet + coffee :) 


Sending love & light your way,

Lisa x