PicMonkey Collage “The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.” ~Robert C. Peale

Known FACT //

One way that we can influence genes without changing their basic structure is through the foods we eat.

Our genes load the gun, but our lifestyle pulls the trigger. The impact of nutrition on our genes is called nutrigenomics, and is something we should all learn about!

Our fork is SO, SO powerful it can not only transport food to our mouth, it can be used as a genetic on and off switch to alter our weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, cancer growth, and even our chances of healthy aging. . . pretty amazing hey? We can't deny this fact any longer.

Food is medicine. What you put in, is what you will get.

I never want to force, coerce someone into eating more fruits & veggies, as I live my life for my health + body, and if people want to make changes, seek advice or want to embark on a journey I will be there 110%. My passion overflows into every aspect of my life - and to give people the gift of health and the tools necessary to live an abundant and rich life in HEALTH is the greatest gift. For without your health, what would you do? Nothing in this world is possible without it, NOTHING. WE all play the invincibility game now, but what are you waiting for?

All I want for you is A HEALTHY + HAPPY LIFE! Nothing will make me happier. So if anything I say, do, share here helps just ONE person than this post is like gold to me.

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” ~William Londen

I would LOVE to hear from you guys - what would you like to see more of HERE? Recipes, health tips, fashion, natural beauty, nutritional education, inspiration, quotes? WHATEVER it is, I want to hear it my beautiful + soulful readers.

I'm forever grateful for you, so thank you.

Have a wonderful Wednesday

love & light

- xo Lisa