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I hope everyone is having a beautiful start to the week. I took yesterday off from my normal Monday post to just be. I stayed off the computer, spent time with my boyf who had been away for the weekend, and had tea with my best friend in the garden of kensington market. I even stayed in bed until 10am, but woke up around 730 to do a quick workout (skipping!), and sneakily crawled back into bed. All of this to say, I know I don't have to explain myself on why I didn't post, but I do want to acknowledge it because I want to be authentic, and consistent in my postings, and website. This is my baby, and I want to share, inspire, and help any and everybody that I can! I also want to let go of any guilt of not posting, as this is an easy emotion to creep up on me. In any case, happy new week.

I also want to let you in on what has been going on in my mind these past few days. Throughout the years I've become extremely in tune with my body, not only on the physical plane, but the mental and metaphysical level as well. The body is all connected, as disassociating our mind from our body is like cutting our body in half. Our mind, in my opinion, is actually more powerful than the body!

I've been Vegan for roughly eight years now, and throughout this journey I've experimented with almost every type of plant-based lifestyle there is. I did the 80/10/10 (80% carbs, 10% protein, 10% fat) when I was coming off of my antibiotics which I had been on for six months to fully cleanse my body, as the 80% carbs mostly came from fruit (the most cleansing food on the planet). I went completely raw for about three months and concentrated heavily on healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, healthy oils). Further I went Paleo Vegan in which I again focused more on plant based fats and proteins, and limited my carbs to a certain extent. I did all of this to figure out what was absolutely best for my body as I continued to heal from Lymes Disease. I learned a lot about what my body likes, doesn't like, and proceeded to do an IGG Food Sensitivity test to really help heal my gut from the antibiotics and Lymes spirochites. I would laugh and call myself a human experiment, as I tried almost everything, experimented with countless superfoods, elixirs, supplements and natural treatments (essential oils taken internally, ultraviolet blood therapy, cranio sacral, etc...).

What this caused though was a lot of thought and emphasis on food. Where was it coming from, is it organic, is it 'pure', am I eating too many fats, proteins, carbs, is it vegan, gluten-free, dairy free,sugar free, and the list goes on. Exhaustive to say the least, and in some ways mildly obsessed. Although food was, and still is my medicine so it was justified in my mind. I knew that whatever I was feeding my internal environment was ultimately growing, or killing the Lymes Disease in my body. In some ways I had to be this calculated, as it was medicinal for me, and because I was healing and feeling stronger as the months passed, it was 1000000% confirmed I was doing the right thing. Was it easy? No! I absolutely adore eating the way that I do, but it didn't make it any easier as I had to make lots of changes, and at times found it socially isolating. I forged forward though knowing that I was on the path to healing.

Fast forward to now, and what my current food lifestyle is. A few things to mention, I let go of the word Vegan, because although I eat 99% of the time plant based, I feel that for me it can cause a bit of an obsessive, and strict mentality in my mind. I've been having a bit of Gelatin (Collagen) as of late in the mornings (very, very healing and anti-inflammatory), and if I was in Europe and fresh fish was caught that day and served up for dinner, I would not deny it. All of that being said I do have some non-negotiables, which where and still are important to me and my healing journey. I can't throw all caution to the wind, even though I feel amazing, keeping my body alkaline and inflammation free is extremely important to me.

This is where I stand: I'm gluten-free (gluten is highly inflammatory for me), dairy free (I'm allergic to casein, the protein in milk, whey, cheese), no refined sugars (not needed in any diet, and sugar is the #1 feeder of any and all illness), red meat, game & chicken free (for me personally it just doesn't resonate, and I don't wish to consume it for health and ethical reasons), and processed food free (conventional chips, crackers, candies, sauces, packaged goods) as my body just doesn't feel well after eating anything of the sort! We also eat mostly organic when possible, as we value it immensely. I listen to my bodies cues, and symptoms closely, as for over six years of struggling with a chronic illness I've become in-tune to what it does and doesn't need.

All of this to say is that in the past few days I've been having a physical and mental craving for eggs! Now this is quite a shock for me as I haven't had eggs in many, many, many years. Furthermore, on my last IGG Allergy test a few years back eggs were a high allergen. I wasn't completely allergic to them, but on the scale of mild - extreme sensitivity they were on the very high side.

What to do?

Listen to my body, as it's obviously telling me something. Maybe I need more protein, as I rely a lot on seeds/nuts which are hard on my body to digest, and don't do that well with too many protein rich grains. So yesterday I bought the best eggs I could find at the market - Vita Eggs. What is of outmost importance to me is there sustainable nature, being organic, vegetarian diet, hormone free, and are allowed to roam free with ample amount of sunshine and care. These fit the bill, but now I'm going to be on the outlook for even better ones!

All of this to say is that I'm listening to my body, and going to see how it goes. I will incorporate a few eggs in this week and see how I feel, and how my body reacts. If I start breaking out, getting any rashes, bloating, or gut discomfort I will know, and will stay away. But I feel good, stronger and more satiated than we might have a new addition to our fridge.

This has reemphasized the true importance of listening to your body, and your body alone. Not putting labels on yourself, foods and ultimately other people. We are constantly sent so many conflicting messages to what is the 'ultimate' way to eat, when it comes down to it I keep on coming back to this Michael Pollan quote - "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants". I do believe a mostly plant-based diet is one of the best ways to eat, and focusing on nutrient dense vegetables and quality proteins and healthy fats is optimal, and everything in-between is listening to your body. When it comes down to eat - eat foods that come from plants, and not things made in plants.

I will keep you updated on how this all goes!

xo Lisa