PicMonkey Collage copy Happy Monday Beauties!

Sorry for being a tad absent! I've been loving and living life. Pure and simple bliss. Letting go of 'musts' and 'have to's' is VERY liberating. I would love to be able to post every single day, but I know that is not realistic right now, in the future, maybe / hopefully? In any case, I hope you are all doing well, and living your life beautifully and abundantly (body and mind).

When it comes to the WHEN of eating we are bombarded with S O many contradictions. Do not eat an hour upon waking, eat 15 minutes up waking, do not eat past 7pm, snack, don't snack, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper, eat your largest meal during the day (a large bulk of your calories) . . . It even gives me a headache. Ultimately what I tell my patients, and what I believe is to listen. to. YOUR. body, but follow some simple guidelines. If and only if they resonate with you, and work with your metabolism, lifestyle (athletes, people who work out loads, are on their feet heaps, have LOTS of muscle), will obviously need MORE food, and will have to snack. But here is what I believe to be true.

The general rule of thumb is that a normal meal takes 4-6 hours to digest (which is why I try not to eat ANYTHING 3 hours before bed, but of course I'm not militant about it. But feel SO much better upon waking and have a MUCH better sleep). When you eat something before that previous meal is fully digested, it's like adding dirty clothes to a washing machine mid-cycle or raw pasta to a pot mid-cooking – it doesn’t work. Your clothes come out dirty, your pasta all sorts of funky, and your digestive system slowly chugs along. . .

Our bodies are V E R Y smart and are proud owners of sophisticated digestive systems that are designed to efficiently digest clean, balanced meals before turning around and doing it all over again. The MAIN energy source for our bodies is glucose, so any carbs you eat will be the first to go. Next are fats, which are not as efficient of an energy source, but get tapped into when glucose is unavailable. This means that If you take a break from snacking in between meals (aka cut off the glucose supply) your body will burn stored fat for energy.

Not snacking in between meals will also allow your digestive system to relax, restore, and rejuvenate, improving nutrient assimilation, boosting metabolism, and, of course, burning stored fat. With less energy spent focusing on digestion, your body is able to refocus its energy elsewhere – this is where the HEALING occurs.

Snacking is a hard habit to break. When we train our bodies to look forward to sugar fixes every 2-3 hours, our blood sugars drop without one and our energy levels plummet (again this might not work for you! This is just my 'professional' opinion and practice). These highs and lows create a stressful environment in the body. The repercussion is your body burning glucose and storing an even greater level of fat to deal with the emergency state hence created.

The GOOD news is, your body is one SMART COOKIE and can easily be retrained to nix the snacks and your fat storages all in one go. All it takes is a recommitment to 3 balanced, wholesome meals a day, with no grazing in between.

My advice on ALL of this - make lunch your biggest meal when your digestive strength is at its peak (it is when the SUN is at its highest and your metabolism is at its FIREIEST!). You will find that a mid afternoon snack doesn’t feel so necessary and a leaner, happier (less bloated belly) & OVERALL healthier body is closer than you think.

Again, these are just my beliefs and thoughts, due to my own practice, and knowledge. This will not work for everyone, as we are ALL so beautiful and unique. But if you are struggling to find a routine, and some balance try this out and simplify your meals. We can all get carried away with ENDLESS ingredients, super foods and balancing macro / micro nutrients. Eat whole organic foods, LOTS of greens, moderate amount of healthy fats, and non-starchy, when possible gluten free grains/carbs!

FINAL NOTE: Listen to your body (!) , it knows ALL. If you are hungry EAT. But make sure you listen to what it needs / wants.

Have a WONDERFUL start to your week.

Are you a snacker? What is your biggest meal! I would l o v e to hear from you guys!

love & light