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“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” ― Akira Kurosawa On Monday I posted about the importance of SLEEP.

SLEEP is imperative for every single function in your body. It regulates hormones (which are the key to almost everything), regenerates skin, cells, cleanses blood, restores + builds your organs, heals, rejuvenates, etc, etc . . . the list could go on, and on, as I believe it’s one of life’s greatest healers.

Although I fear many of us are not getting enough, and our society is known for saying ‘Oh I only need 5-6 hours a night’…while internally your body is screaming for more. Sickness, fatigue, constant pain, inflammation, feeling ‘tired’, headaches, food cravings, overconsumption of coffee . . . all signs of lack of sleep.

And to achieve any sort of ‘glow’ s l e e p will be your number one best friend.

I’m a HUGE lover of sleep and aim for 8 or more hours a night. This is how I get it done.

My Optimal Sleep Habits //

-Calming Tea 1-2 hours before bed (My favorite is YOGI Kava or Calming)

-No technology 1 hour before bed - IDEAL.

-Low lights

-Don’t drink too much water before bed, or you will be up all night going to the bathroom (I’m guilty of this!)

-Himalayan salt lamp to switch of all of the blue/white light exposure we are bombarded with during the day

-Relaxing music

-MAGNESIUM! The miracle mineral -Read about which brand that I adore + use every night HERE

-Bath with magnesium flakes and lavender essential oil

-Lavender oil in a diffuser

-eschew pj's . . . aka sleep naked

-Physical touch + massage

-stemming from the above. . . that leads to sex. For many this promotes a highly peaceful, relaxed + glowing sleep. Which has been shown to wake up with more energy + a greater glow :)

-Most optimal + imperative time to be asleep 10pm-2am – this is when your body does the most healing. When 2am hits your body starts producing cortisol which is essentially starting to get your body ready for the waking hours

-READ – N O T V!!!

-Write down a gratitude list // Journal

-Prepare for the next day – meal prep, laying our what you need, write of list of everything you have to do

-Talk with loved ones. Say no to texting, instagramming, FBing, any technology crazes in the evening. It is a time to love, connect, communicate, share + dream. The person on the other side of the device will understand, and if you are always ‘on call’ they will have expectations of response. Let it go . . . just BE. They will be there tomorrow.

How are you catching your zzzzzzzz’s and how many hours do you sleep a night?

love & light