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Three meals or six small meals a day, whole grains are good or no grains at all, no fat or lots of healthy fat. . . It all starts to feel a little overwhelming doesn’t it? I get you 10000%, it can be confusing. There are so many messages out there in health that we read, interpret and often try to apply to own lives, only to feel disheartened when they don’t ‘work’ as they might for our friend, colleague or family member. So here’s something to remember: we are all unique. What applies to one person’s body may not necessarily work for the next.

I have a thirst for knowledge when it comes to nutrition, health, wellness, new discoveries . . . but I know that not everyone does. So I want to simplify it to the max, as I do not want any of this to be inaccessible to you guys.

In my nutrition practice, I use different approaches to changing people’s health based on their individual needs. The reason clients come to me is because they need a prescription suitable just for THEM. However, for those of you reading now and feeling confused about what direction might be your ‘best’, I encourage you to simply take baby steps. STEP BY STEP (inster cheesy 90's music! Did anyone else watch that show? or am I the only nerd!). In any case, in doing so, you will get the chance to learn and feel what actually functions well for your body, instead of comparing your journey in health to those around you. “you run your race, I’ll run mine”. Do not play the comparison game, we are alllll truly unique, and beautiful.

Now, with only your race in mind, what’s the next step? Firstly, it’s small. Because small steps on a frequent basis will help you learn and understand your body. Sometimes if you change everything overnight not only is it exhausting and overwhelming, but also it’s difficult to truly know what works and what doesn’t. Try integrating a new change once per week or once every two weeks. This gives your head and body some time to learn it and respond. If you feel change – whether it’s less bloating or cramping after eating if you’re looking to improve digestion, better hydration and fewer dry patches if you’re working on your skin, or feeling less groggy in the morning if energy is your focus – you’ll start to feel it within this seven to 14 day period and beyond.

Now, it’s over to you. Set yourself a simple goal in health for the coming week ahead. Make it creative and something attainable given your lifestyle.

A journey to good health is truly empowering when you take small steps in your own race, learn and keep moving forward. That’s where the magic happens. Don't look around what others are doing, but listen to your body + your pace.

Maybe it's adding one new vegetable a day, maybe it's committing to drinking 3 more glasses of water, or taking the steps at work. Whatever it is, be proud of the changes YOU are making. They will inevitably motivate you, and inspire you to keep.on.going.

Happy Saturday Beauties!

love & light