With the week of Valentines in full swing I'm sure you've all been indulging in heart shaped chocolates, sweet treats and everything in between. Today I wanted to share my very own favorite chocolate recipes and a few of my favorite chocolate bars on the market to feed all of your senses on this love fueled day.

Allow yourself to relish in these sweet indulgences, as they feed your body, mind and spirit. Be mindful, and choose dark, or raw, or healthy treats when and where possible! Here are a few Raw Choc 101's to see and witness for yourself how miraculous and healing this chocolate is //

My Detox Hot Chocolate - It's going to be super cold here on the East Coast so this one will be soothing for the heart and soul. I love making this in the evenings, or late mornings on the weekend.

These Raw Bliss Balls are pure heaven in your mouth. Sensual dates, sweet yet rich raw chocolate, and glow enhancing almonds. Make a batch of these for the weekend to share with your lover, loved ones and friends. They will love you forever.

A Superfood Love Tonic is the most delightful way to end the evening. Maca, cinnamon, cayenne, coconut oil, brazil nuts, dates, raw cocoa all warmed's definitely a sexy drink that will warm you from the inside out.

Here are my Top 3 Chocolate brands/bars around :

Antidote - Very hard to find in Canada, but they were my NYC staple! I ate the 100% with dates one once a week for sure. I met the creator Red, and she blew my mind away with her passion for health, wellness and all things cocao.

ChocoSol - This is a Toronto born + bred company and outputs some of the most delicious chocolate I've ever come across. It's stone ground so it retains all of cocao's essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients, and leaves you feeling healthier than before taking a bite.

Giddy YoYo - It's 100% Canadian, 100% Wild, 100% Organic and 100% Raw and is absolutely divine. I can't say much more about how incredible this chocolate is. It comes in a plethora of flavors and percentages and you can't beat the under $5 price tag.

These are a few of my cocao filled things and dreams. I would love to hear your favorite chocolates around?

Happy Love Day!