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What does your fridge look like? Does it hide all of your hidden secrets? Or does it look like the above 'dream' photo? I wish! I know mine isn't always spotless, but I really pride myself on stocking it with healthy staples so I'm never without a salad at the very least. That is my weekly goal as I don't always have time to stop by the market on a daily basis, but if I at least have enough greens and vegetables to make a salad in a pinch I'm good to go!

So what are my staples? Maybe this will help you build a healthier fridge so you don't have to resort to take out, frozen foods or canned soups!


-Endless amounts of greens - romaine, kale, spinach



-Cherry tomatoes (although I leave these outside the fridge as tomatoes should not be left in cold places)


-Apple Cider Vinegar




-Herbs - most notable coriander and parsely

-Cooked Sweet Potatoes ready to toss into salads

-Red Peppers


-Coconut Milk

-Broccoli or Cauliflower

-A cooked batch of Millet or Lentils to toss into salads or pasta

A few non-fridge staples that I always have on hand include:

-Dried lentils and chickpeas

-Coconut Oil

-Brown Rice

-Olive Oil



-Pumpkin seed butter

-Chia seeds

-Flax seeds


-Spices: Cinnamon, Cayenne, Turmeric, Himalayan Salt, Pepper

These are all simple foods, and can be combined in so many ways for super simple, healthy, macronutrient rich meals! It might take a little more effort stocking your kitchen, and batch cooking but once you get in the hang of it I promise it is simple and so much quicker in the long run. When everything is there, you have a grain cooked, and sweet potatoes roasted all you have to do is throw things in a bowl and you are good to go. Top with avocado and some ACV, Olive oil + squeeze of lemon.

Also do not be discouraged if you struggle to keep a healthy stocked fridge! It takes some time, trial and error and seeing what you like as your staples. For me this works, and I'm constantly tweaking things, and depending on what is in season rotating produce.

I encourage you to take a look into your fridge and see if there is anything that is outdated, jars that have been in there for a few months, and see where you can make some small changes. Maybe just commit to adding one new and healthy item a week?

The weekend is the perfect time to head to your local farmers market, grocery store and health food shop. Asses your fridge, right a list and off you go! Happy, healthy shopping.


x Lisa