When it comes to produce, I not only think it's VITALLY important to eat Organic, but to eat what's in season. Going to my local Market on Saturday is one of the highlights of my week! Eating farm-table and organic is one of lives great pleasures. I feel SO much better when I eat his way, and again, I am in NO WAY PERFECT, but sourcing local, organic food is a TOP priority to me, and is something that I value. We choose where to spend our $$$, and for me this is a h u g e part of it.

Here's a HYPER seasonal list of what's IN right now //

Apples Beets Belgian Endive Bok Choy Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celery Collard Greens Cranberries Dates Escarole Fennel Grapefruit Kale Kiwifruit Leeks Lemons Mushrooms Mustard Greens Onions Oranges Papayas Passion Fruit Pears Persimmons Pomegranates Potatoes Radicchio Radish Rutabaga Spinach Sweet Potatoes Swiss Chard Tangelos Tangerines Turnips Winter Squash

With the Holidays right before us I envision Kale Salads with beautiful pomegranate kernels + beets, and juices with collards, fennel, swiss chard + lemons! OH and lots of BEET juices to cleanse the liver (winter + the new year is the p e r f e c t time for a liver flush/cleanse).

If anything, I hope this encourages you to be mindful of WHERE your food is coming from. If you CAN'T find + purchase organic, look for l o c a l. Sometimes it's impossible to find local avocados and bananas, and in this case I will ALWAYS buy organic. Just think about HOW far your food has to travel - Oranges from South Africa, and snap peas from Guatemala? Personally, I rather just be without them until they are in season, and enjoy what is fresh and organic R I G H T N O W.

What are you loving that is in season?

love & light