photo I wanted to share my quick RAW dinner the other night! I just love, love, love raw foods.

Inspired by one of my favorite dishes at Noorish - a raw restaurant I frequent often.

Below we have:

-Kelp noodles w/ dulse flakes (find online or in your nearest health store. They are SO yummy) -baby romaine + avocado -raw sauerkraut -And a homemade lemon/hemp dressing (~ 2 TBS hemp seeds, some avocado + fresh lemon juice)

* sorry for the fuzzy image it is hard to get a good one in the dark

Voila! Super simple, quick and delicious. It will leave you feeling energized and full of LIFE. Let me know if you have any questions or if you make it - I love to share recipes + goodness with you.

Have a beautiful + joy filled day.