photo copy What do you eat for breakfast?

Breakfast sets your metabolic tone for the ENTIRE day. When you make mindless mistakes F I R S T thing in the morning, you've set your blood sugar on a roller coaster that eventually crashes and leaves you hungry, cranky and craving sugar ALL. DAY. LONG.

Which is why it's important to have healthy fats in the morning, along with protein + low-glycemic sugars.

This s u p e r f o o d packed smoothie will do just that.

*all organic ingredients (except for the cucumber, which is local! $4 cucumber are a coming ;) )

-1/2 zucchini -1/2 cucumber -3-4 stalks celery -4-5 leaves romaine lettuce -1 large stalk of kale -1/2 cup alkaline water + 1/2 cup raw coconut water -1 tsp flax seeds -1 TBSP chia seeds -1 pear -5 strawberries -tsp maca -TBSP Progressive Vegan Protein -1/4 avocado -splash of homemade almond mylk!

It is DEFINITELY packed full of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, minerals & LOVE.

Don't stress about including ALL of the ingredients! Use what you have, and play around with veggies, fruits, superfoods + nuts/seeds.

Have an AMAZING weekend beauties!

love & light lisa_signature