balls3 Brain Balls!

I know there are a lot of these balls circulating the interwebs as of late, but I still stay true to my original recipe which I've been making for years. Why haven't I shared this recipe yet? To be honest I do not know. I sometimes think my recipes are too simple to share. Which is absolutely crazy as I know how intimidating many recipes can be and how many ingredients you have to buy for just one dish! I get very overwhelmed with many recipes and really believe that when you're using whole foods that come from the earth you don't have to do that much to them, or add a million spices and herbs. So I cook very clean, organically and simply. I allow the produce to be the star of the show, and really just try to pick a few key spices that I love and go from there. So I'm thinking I'm going to start sharing more recipes! What do you think?

So back to the balls! These beauties are uber healthy and raw, full of vitamins and minerals, and take less than ten minutes with less than five ingredients!

What makes these balls so great?

RAW COCAO: These are so energizing, yet calming because of the mineral Magnesium. It's a mineral that most are extremely deficient in and is needed for over 300 processes of the body! Essentially you need it to live. Usually when someone is binging on chocolate, and can't curb their chocolate cravings they are deficient in this miracle mineral. It has a very calming effect on our nervous system and is brilliant for decreasing anxiety, mood balancing, and calms the entire nervous system. Because the chocolate in these balls are coming from raw cocoa, this mineral has a chance to truly work it's magic. When it's found in processed forms (i.e I'm talking to you Kit Kat!), our body isn't able to truly get all that it needs due to the highly processed sugar content, and other mystery ingredients. So when looking for chocolate make sure it's above 75-80%, and even better buy it in it's raw form. Raw chocolate also has a little bit of caffeine in it so it will give you a jolt of energy, but it will be sustained energy as raw cocao is very mineral rich and contains theobromine, which can help increase blood flow, decrease water retention and is even a mild aphrodisiac.

CINNAMON: In these little guys help regulate blood sugar which is essential when eating something with a higher glycemic load, such as the dates in this recipe. The sugar that comes from dates is 100% natural and is turned into glucose and therefore energy for our bodies. But it can still raise your insulin levels and if you have blood sugar problems, cinnamon will be your savor! LIFEBYLEESE tip: Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on fruit if you're having pure fruit as a snack!

NUTS: The almonds in this recipe give you a massive dose of healthy fats and usable protein. Healthy fats not only nourish your brain, but provide a satiety factor along with protein. These balls will keep you going for hours on end with lasting and sustained energy.


* 1.5 CUPS of Nuts - I used almonds but any nut would do. I would try walnuts or hazelnuts * 1.5 CUPS of pitted Medjool Dates * 1/3 CUP Raw Cocao powder * 1 tsp himalayan salt * 1 tsp cinnamon


1. Place the nuts in a high power blender or food processor and pulse along until they are finely 'chopped'.

2. Add DATES, Raw Cocao, Cinnamon and Salt to the mixture and 1 TBSP of water

3. Blend until it starts forming a paste so it's moldable.

4. Add one final TBSP of water. In total I end up using 3 TBSP's. Anymore and the balls will be too goopy.

5. Roll into balls and place on a cookie sheet

6. Place in freezer to cool

7. Transfer to a mason jar or sealable container

8. Store in the fridge or freezer

9. EAT!


These make great snacks, grab a few for breakfast with a green juice, as a sweet treat after dinner and even as a hostess gift! Make a batch, place it in a mason jar and wrap with a ribbon. They make the perfect gift.

Happy Wednesday!