I hope everyone had a b e a u t i f u l weekend, and if you are in the states then happy memorial day weekend. SUMMER is here to stay.

With summer coming all I can think about is freshness. Fresh water, fresh vegetables from the Farmers Market, freshly picked fruit off the trees, the smell after a good rain, freshly cut grass, etc... etc... With an abundance of fresh veggies (okay the last time!), a good hummus is paramount. What is of importance to me is that it's simple, and no fuss. I also refuse to buy them at the grocery store as they can stay on the shelves for weeks! Making your own is so, so, so cheap and easy it's crazy town. You will have to invest in tahini, but it's an amazing staple to have for dressings, and dips anyways. I'm never without tahini!

I'm also not a stickler on soaking beans. If I have time of course I will soak a batch of organic chickpeas overnight, but I wanted to make this in less than 5 minutes so a good can of organic salt free chickpeas is both cost effective and uber efficient on time management.

I know there are a million recipes out there, but I find the less ingredients the better. You could add more spices, veggies or olive oil if you wish. But I chose to keep it basic, as I love simple things.


* One can of organic chickpeas

* Juice from one lemon

*1/2 cup of water (add more if you want it thinner, less if you want it thicker) I like to add minimal water and adjust as I blend.

* 2-3 TBSP Tahini

* 1 small zucchini ( I love adding green to everything + it thickens it up)

* Sprinkle of salt + pepper to your own personal taste

* Sprinkle of cayenne + turmeric (I was generous with these)

Optional - TBSP Olive Oil, sprinkle cumin, more salt, spices, etc...

Grab your crudites and start dipping! Also amazing in or no top of salads, with oven baked sweet potatoes, beet salad, flax crackers...

I hope you have an incredible start to your week!

love & light