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This is one of my favorite drinks of all times. 

It couldn't be easier, and its anti-inflammatory / alkalizing properties are hard to rival. Not to mention metabolism boosting. I drink this either in the morning or evening, usually after dinner, but before bed, as I don't like to eat a good two to three hours before sleeping. I believe in a resting period of at least twelve hours of no eating between your last meal of the day, and your first! This is a enormous effect on your immunity, digestion, and bodies ability to rejuvenate and heal. 

More of that later...♥

You will need a juicer for this, but I'm hoping that if you don't have one by now, that I've inspired you just a teensy little to purchase one. No pressure, but it's super handy and economical to have, especially if you're into green juice! Those bottles can cost up to $15 for a single serving. If by chance you don't have one, you can still make this by manually juicing lemons, and straining it, and crushing the ginger with either a garlic press or chopping it finely. You could also try a blender, although I haven't before, so can't speak to it's efficacy in blending the below ingredients! 


-Juice 2-3 lemons

-Juice a large chunk of ginger

* This should make enough for 2-3 drinks & as you make it you will gauge how much of each you prefer. Sometimes I amp up the ginger, other times I add an extra lemon.

-Pour about half an inch of the juiced ginger + lemon into a cup & fill up with HOT water. -Option: sprinkle with cayenne pepper for an extra kick.

Voila! The fire-iest drink you will ever drink!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

love & light

Lisa xx