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Happy Spring Beautiful People!

Since we embark on the warmer months we all want our skin to glow and become radiant (we want this 365 days a year!), BUT with warmer months come less clothes and therefore more skin exposure. I continue my routine of body brushing, coconut oil, exfoliating and all that jazz all year round as I feel so alive when I complete my morning routine, but now with summer upon us it is even more important.

Another part of my morning routine is JUICING! Every. single. day.

Since it is the first day of Spring I wanted to share my Skin Detox Glow Juice - super simple and so utterly delicious. It is PACKED with Vitamin C and because of the beet in it, it helps detoxify the liver and kidneys which are the main organs for releasing all of those nasty little toxins in our bodies. I looooove this juice and make one every second day in addition to my Green Love. I firmly believe because I was drinking this throughout the winter, and even with my suppressed immune system I didn't catch ONE flu bug, nothing. No running nose, sore throat, coughing. Let foods be your medicine....

Toss all of these into your juicer and watch your skin get brighter and more radiant as the weeks go by.

Skin Detox Glow Juice:

-2 grapefruits -4 oranges -1 small carrot -1 beet

* you can also add ginger and a lemon to this! It adds a great zing!

I just made mine, and am ready to go for this beautiful Spring Day!

love, love