photo-copy Happy National Almond Day!

It is no wonder this ultimate super food has its very own day of honor - packed with vitamin E, magnesium, fibre, potassium, calcium, iron, low in sodium and high in protein, and those are just some of the benefits of this delicious nut.

So in honor of this nuts special day I am sharing my // a universal Almond Mylk recipe with you. (Mylk, because Milk is reserved for moo milk!).

A few posts back I posted about Activated Nuts - this is step one.


Soak your nuts overnight, or if you forget a good few hours will do. (Tip: Always store nuts in the fridge). This will soften them, release more enzymes and allow them to be more blendable. Drain them and place them in your blender of choice - Blendtec (my personal fav), Vitamix, Omega, whatever you have at the moment will do. It will work with any blender. But if you don't have an high power one, you will have to blend for a few minutes (with a Blendtec it is around 30-45 seconds!!).

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Place almonds + filtered water into the blender. The rule of thumb - One cup of almonds to 3-4 cups of water. Depending on how thick you want it. I personally do 2 cups of almonds to 6-7 cups of water. I play around with it depending on the day ( I make it roughly every 3-4 days). BLEND away for a few minutes.


-sweetener of choice ( 2 dates, 4-5 drops stevia, Maple Syrup, etc...) -tsp of cinnamon -tsp of organic vanilla powder (no extract with alcohol!) -dash salt

* that being said you can really play around with flavors, nuts, really can't mess it up. Experiment and find a recipe and ratio that suits your liking and taste buds.

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Nice and frothy mylk. Amazing.

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Now get a big bowl and Nut Mylk Bag - yes such a thing exists and I believe it is mandatory. You can buy them for under $10 at most health food stores or online ( is my favorite place to buy them!).

Pour the mylk into the bag (depending on how much you make you usually have to do it in two batches), and squeeze! The mylk will drain into the bowl, and you will be left with incredible almond pulp. You can now use this pulp for crackers, muffins, body scrubs... the uses are endless.

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VOILA! Delicious, homemade Almond Mylk. Which literally takes under 10 minutes to make. I can't recommend it enough, and won't go back to the cartons. I will use it in a pinch or if I don't have access to homemade, but I always find time to make it whether it's 8am or 8pm. It is worth every minute, and my body is happier for it too!

I hope everyone has an amazing + love filled weekend.

And since it is the almonds special day. Make sure to show it some love.