My favorite food ever.

It has been considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet to consume, and if you're a lover like me, you can attest to all its greatness. I notice that when I'm consuming it and using it topically my skin, hair and nails look their absolute BEST. Besides my Honey Mask my all time favorite DIY Face mask is simply rubbing a Avocado on your face + leaving it to dry for approximately 15 min. It is hardly rocket science, and in NO way did I discover its miraculous benefits, but when done regularly I can notice an extreme difference in my skin AND a face mask that is only $2 (Organic!) is unheard of for something this life changing.

Benefits of the Beloved Avocado when applied Topically //

- Deeply and highly hydrating (Fatty Acids) - Helps lessen irritation - Revitalizes skin - Heals extremely dry skin (Biotin) - Fights off free radicals that cause oxidative stress in healthy skin cells. Slows down premature aging. Fades acne scars and dark spots. (Vitamin E) - Builds up collagen which is essential in maintaining skin strength and elasticity. (Vitamin C) - Prevent free radical damage to healthy skin cells. Promote youthful glowing skin. (B Vitamins)

Have you tried this before?! I'm curious, as it seems to simple, yet we are always searching for the next best product when nature truly has everything we need! If you haven't yet, try it, and let me know.

love & light