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Yesterday I shared with all of you my experience with a 24 Hour Water fast + how I will be incorporating it into my weekly routine. Why . . .? Because I felt AMAZING, and I truly believe it is one of the most healing things you can do for your body. I forgot to mention this in the post, and I hope it's not 'TOO MUCH' info, but the amount of times you go to the bathroom, for both methods of expelling (kidneys + colon) is unreal. THIS IS GOOD! Any + all toxins are being eliminated through your m a j o r organs for elimination, and this is the key to optimal health.

On that note - I want to share with you the cleansing smoothie I had after I broke the fast. Before consuming this I had some watermelon, coconut water + coconut meat. About 2 hours later I consumed this green monster.

It has the perfect balance of veggies / fruit / superfoods / healthy fats + protein

Breakin' the Fast Green Smoothie Monster //

- 1/2 a cucumber - 3 stalks of celery - 1/2 a zucchini - 2 leaves of kale - a pear - half a pineapple - 1 cup of water - splash of coconut water - TBSP chia seeds + TBSP flax seeds - tsp Maca - tsp spirulina - dash of cinnamon ( amazing for stabilizing blood sugars when you have fruit in smoothies!) - vitamin e powder -dash of my homemade pumpkin seed mylk

Blend on super high until fully mixed!! Sprinkle with Bee Pollen (crazy high in B Vitamins) and you are GOOD to go.

This left me so satisfied, full of energy and it didn't weight me down. The last thing you want to do after a fast is consume large amounts of dense + hard to digest food. I suggest breaking a fast with watery foods - aka lots of fruit, coconut water, juices, smoothies, soups . . . alkaline forming foods.

Random - there is a movie filming outside of our loft, and it's supposed to be set in NYC so there are NYC taxi cabs everywhere!! Makes me miss the city. I think a weekend trip is in store this spring! My favorite season there. A weekend is the perfect amount of time to take it in, visit my favorite restaurants, juice bars + cafes!

In any case, I hope everyone is having a beaaaauuutiful week so far! Sending so much love your way.

love & light


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