Zucchini noodles, zoodles, "pasta", ribbons... all the same, and all delicious. 

I know this might sound crazy to lots of people, but I don't like pasta! GASP, I know. When I was little I would eat the spaghetti my mom would make, as I didn't want to go hungry, but I never really loved it. I never craved pasta, and I wouldn't order it when going out for dinner, and I don't think I've had pasta for a good eight years or so years.... IT could even be longer! 

I went gluten-free before in and around 2008, and haven't really looked back. I've had gluten in the form of super fresh, and sprouted bread, and possible cross contamination in some oats (I'm not a stickler as by nature they are GF), but I don't seek or enjoy eating wheat. I know they now have amazing brown rice, and bean pastas, but I never, ever want or crave them. Am I the only one? 

Zucchini on the other hand, I'm obsessed with this vegetable. I'll be the first to admit it seems quite lack luster as it's virtually void of flavor, but what it lacks in flavor, it makes up in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. In a major way. See Mother Nature, would do us no wrong. The perfect ying-yang of it all.

Personally, I'm health and nutrients first, taste second. I don't know many people who drink spirulina and e3live for the taste? I definitely don't, but they're miraculous for our bodies, so I have no problem shooting it back. 

Back to the zucchini, and before we dive into the recipe I want to share why you should be eating more zucchini in your life, and let's be honest, people usually eat pasta as a vehicle for the sauce, so I feel like you can forgo the pasta sometimes, not all if you love it, and enjoy it just as much. I hope this recipe convinces you of the later. 


Why should we be eating more zucchini in our lives?

  • As an excellent source of manganese and a very good source of vitamin C. zucchini provides us with a great combination of conventional antioxidant nutrients (key for fighting any and all diseases). But it also contains an unusual amount of other antioxidant nutrients, including the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • Zucchini contains good amounts of potassium that helps reduce blood pressure. It also contains moderate levels of folate that breaks down amino acids like homocysteine that cause heart attacks and strokes. The considerable amount of magnesium helps in keeping blood pressure at a normal rate and the heart beat at a steady rhythm.
  • They are excellent for our metabolisms due to the high amount of vitamin B's contained in these tubular vegetables. Included here are the B-vitamins folate, B6, B1, B2, B3, and choline. Also important in blood sugar metabolism are the minerals zinc and magnesium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and all of these nutrients are provided by summer squash.
  • Provides a massive dose of fiber which helps everything from your digestion, all the way up to your skin, as the gut is where it all starts. As stated above, they are also an excellent source of vitamin C, which is your skins best friend. Helping build collagen, keeping your skin nice and plump. 
  • The combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients in summer squash is the perfect nutrient dense combination for providing anti-cancer benefits. The development of many cancer types depends on chronic, unwanted oxidative stress that can occur along with poor intake of antioxidant nutrients, and chronic, unwanted inflammation that can occur along with lack of anti-inflammatory nutrients! The zucchini tackles 
  • Lastly they are 95% water! Talk about eating your water. They are so fibrous and water rich, which means they will be extremely filling, satisfying and nourishing. 

Have I convinced you to switch your pasta to zucchini noodles yet? HA! Try this recipe and you tell me.






  1. Spiralize 2 medium noodles - This is the one I have! But there are so many good ones on the market. You can't go wrong with buying one of these. I've had mine for over five years now, and it's still going strong. (If you don't have one, you can 100% use a vegetable peeler to get ribbons!)
  2. Place them in a separate mixing bowl
  3. Make dressing



  • 1.5 ripe avocados
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 cup of water
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • pinch of pink salt + pepper

BLEND on super high for 45-60 sec in a high speed blender!

4. Cut the toppings of your dreams! I used salt-free sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives, both without oil. The olives add a salty + earthy flavor, and the tomatoes add extra texture and sweetness. 

5. Toss the dressing and the noodles together

6. Top away. I also sprinkled some black sesame seeds for an extra crunch. 

7. Other toppings you could add: fresh tomatoes, steamed veggies, sunflower seeds, sprouts, chickpeas, lentils, anything really. You can bulk it up as much as you want, and add in as much or as little protein as you wish. 

It's so, so, so delicious! Just looking at it makes my mouth water again! 



I know zucchini will never replace traditional pasta, but they make an excellent alternative, especially if you're gluten-free, have celiac or just don't enjoy eating refined carbohydrates. 

They're versatile, nutritious, and extremely filling. I promise! You will feel just as satisfied with zucchini noodles, and will love how you feel after. No bloating, or feeling tired after eating a rich meal, because who can just have a small pasta portion? You can even spiralize zucchinis and then warm them up in a pan with a little olive oil, so you have a warm dish!

I will never, ever diss pasta, because it definitely serves it's purpose, and it can be healthy when / if had in moderation! It can 100% be part of a healthy lifestyle. 

But when you can incorporate more vegetables in your diet, everybody is happy; body and mind. 

Let me know your thoughts on pasta, do you enjoy it? And if so, how do you eat it! I'm curious. 

Have a beautiful weekend,

Be Well, 

Lisa XO